Where to Stay in Portugal

When organizing a journey to Portugal, one significant factor to take into account is the selection of lodgings. With its diverse landscapes and rich cultural history, this European gem offers an array of accommodation options catering to various preferences and budgets.

In this blog post, we will explore some unique lodging choices across different regions that are sure to elevate your Portuguese experience. From eco-friendly bed and breakfasts nestled in the Alentejo region, luxury vineyard stays near Portugal’s highest mountain range – Serra da Estrela, surf lodges with incredible beaches along the coastlines, upscale living spaces in Porto city center, historical palaces within UNESCO World Heritage Sites like Sintra or beachfront bliss at Salgados Dunas Suites – there’s something for everyone looking for where to stay in Portugal.

We’ll also delve into nearby attractions and activities available at each location so you can make informed decisions on which accommodations best suit your interests during your visit. Let us embark on a tour of Portugal’s most beautiful destinations.

Casa Brava – A Rustic Paradise in Portugal

Discover the enchanting boutique bed and breakfast, Casa Brava, located near the lovely town of Castro Marim.

Rustic guest accommodations with modern amenities await you at Casa Brava, where you can relax after exploring Portugal’s highest mountain range, Serra da Estrela, or visiting incredible beaches along the Alentejo region.

For environmentally conscious travelers, Casa Brava offers eco-suites constructed using natural materials and equipped with solar panels and rainwater harvesting systems.

  • Explore nearby attractions: Visit beautiful places like Tavira Island or Praia Verde beach just a short drive away from your cozy retreat.
  • Dine on local cuisine: Indulge in delicious Portuguese dishes prepared using fresh ingredients sourced from local markets.
  • Participate in eco-activities: Join workshops on permaculture and organic gardening to gain valuable insights into maintaining a greener lifestyle.

A visit to Casa Brava is an excellent opportunity for travelers seeking both comfort and sustainability during their stay in Portugal.

Quinta de la Rosa – Luxury Amidst Vineyards

Indulge in outdoor activities and luxurious living spaces at Quinta de la Rosa, a family-owned estate situated within a vineyard in Portugal’s beautiful Douro Valley.

Wine tasting experiences at the vineyard

Sample award-winning wines and learn about the winemaking process from grape to bottle during guided tours through the vineyards and cellars.

On-site restaurant serving local delicacies

Savor traditional Portuguese cuisine made with fresh ingredients sourced from nearby farms and their own gardens at the on-site restaurant, Code 1192.

With 23 rooms spread across various buildings, Quinta de la Rosa provides ample space for couples or families looking for privacy amidst stunning surroundings.

Located in Portugal’s highest mountain range, Serra da Estrela, Quinta de la Rosa is a great place for outdoor enthusiasts to explore the nearby Alentejo region’s incredible beaches and beautiful places.

Experience an unforgettable getaway that combines luxury, gastronomy, and breathtaking landscapes at Quinta de la Rosa – your perfect destination awaits.

Magic Quiver Surf Lodge – A Surfer’s Haven in Ericeira

Located just above South Beach in Ericeira, a picturesque seaside town known for its incredible beaches and vibrant surf culture, lies the Magic Quiver Surf Lodge.

This cozy guesthouse offers a variety of accommodations to suit all types of travelers, from solo surfers seeking adventure to families looking for an unforgettable vacation amidst Portugal’s highest mountain range, Serra da Estrela.

Poolside relaxation after surfing sessions

Unwind by the lodge’s inviting outdoor pool area after catching some waves at one of the nearby world-class surf spots.

The pool is surrounded by comfortable sun loungers and umbrellas, providing ample space for relaxation under the warm Portuguese sun.

Take advantage of other on-site amenities such as yoga classes or indulge in soothing massages at their in-house spa.

Family-friendly facilities including gym & spa

The Magic Quiver Surf Lodge caters not only to avid surfers but also families with children who want to explore the beautiful places within Portugal 1 region.

With eight double rooms, two shared rooms along with six bunk beds available across various accommodation options – there’s something suitable for everyone.

Guests have access to a fully-equipped communal kitchen where they can prepare meals using fresh local ingredients sourced from nearby markets or enjoy delicious home-cooked dishes served at their on-site restaurant.

In addition to its prime location near Arrabida Natural Park and Fatima village, the lodge also offers various activities for guests to enjoy during their stay.

These include surf lessons with experienced instructors, guided hikes through Alentejo region’s stunning landscapes and even wine tasting tours at some of Portugal’s finest vineyards.

With its laid-back atmosphere, comfortable accommodations, and endless opportunities for adventure amidst breathtaking scenery – Magic Quiver Surf Lodge is truly a surfer’s haven in Ericeira that should not be missed.

Key Takeaway: 

The Magic Quiver Surf Lodge in Ericeira, Portugal is a cozy guesthouse perfect for solo surfers or families looking for an adventure. With on-site amenities like yoga classes and a spa, guests can relax by the outdoor pool area after catching some waves at nearby surf spots or explore the stunning landscapes of Alentejo region through guided hikes.

Convento Guesthouse – Upscale Accommodations in Porto

Looking for a luxurious stay in the heart of Porto? Convento Guesthouse offers just that, with its prime location and excellent breakfasts.

Explore Porto’s top attractions with ease

Stay at Convento Guesthouse and you’ll be just a short walk away from some of Porto’s most iconic sites, including the Clerigos Tower, Ribeira district, and Lello Bookstore – one of the world’s most beautiful bookshops.

Wake up to a delicious breakfast spread

Convento Guesthouse is known for its mouthwatering morning meals, featuring local cheeses like Queijo da Serra and Azeitao, cured meats such as presunto and chourico, and freshly baked pastries like pasteis de nata.

  • Sample traditional Portuguese flavors: Try local cheeses and cured meats sourced directly from nearby markets.
  • Indulge in a variety of Portuguese charcuterie: Enjoy presunto and chourico, among other options.
  • Enjoy warm, flaky pastries: Satisfy your sweet tooth with freshly baked treats from local bakeries.

Convento Guesthouse also offers beautifully designed rooms with modern amenities, making it the perfect base for exploring Porto and nearby attractions like Portugal 1, Serra da Estrela, and the Alentejo region’s incredible beaches.

Explore Algarve’s Coastal Region

Visit Algarve, the coastal region in southwest Portugal with pristine beaches and picturesque towns.

Braga: Rich in History and Culture

Discover Braga’s beautiful places like the Bom Jesus do Monte Sanctuary and Braga Cathedral, and don’t forget to check out its incredible beaches.

Coimbra: Portugal’s Medieval Capital

Discover the ancient sites of Coimbra, including its Old Town area designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

  • Serra da Estrela: Hike through Serra da Estrela, Portugal’s highest mountain range, for breathtaking views and skiing during winter months.
  • The Alentejo Region: Escape the hustle and bustle of city life and enjoy the tranquil Alentejo region with rolling hills, charming villages, and delicious cuisine.

With so many incredible destinations, you’ll be sure to find something that suits your interests in Algarve’s coastal region.

Explore Sintra’s UNESCO World Heritage Sites and Historical Palaces

Discover the charm and elegance of Sintra’s historical palaces, nestled amidst Portugal’s highest mountain range, Serra da Estrela, and explore beautiful places filled with history and culture.

Stay at the luxurious Tivoli Palacio de Seteais, an 18th-century palace turned into a 5-star hotel, and indulge in gourmet dining experiences while taking in the breathtaking surroundings.

Visit the Iconic Pena Palace and Quinta da Regaleira

Admire the colorful Pena Palace, built in the 19th century by King Ferdinand II, showcasing various architectural styles and offering incredible views of surrounding landscapes.

Explore Quinta da Regaleira, a stunning estate featuring intricate Gothic architecture alongside enchanting gardens dotted with fountains, grottoes, statues, and mysterious underground tunnels.

Don’t miss out on climbing up its famous Initiation Well – an inverted tower that symbolizes initiation into the world of knowledge.

Experience the Alentejo region’s incredible beaches and other attractions within Sintra such as Castelo dos Mouros and Monserrate Palace, making it an ideal base for exploring this enchanting town.

Beachfront Bliss at Salgados Dunas Suites

Looking for a comfortable beachfront stay in Portugal? Look no further than Salgados Dunas Suites – offering fully equipped apartments with private balconies and barbecues, perfect for families or groups.

Spacious Apartments for All Group Sizes

Salgados Dunas Suites provides modern apartments with air conditioning, Wi-Fi, and flat-screen TVs, catering to couples, families, and friends.

Convenient Access to Incredible Beaches and Attractions

Located in the heart of Algarve near Albufeira, Salgados Dunas Suites offers easy access to stunning beaches like Praia dos Salgados and Praia da Gale, as well as nearby attractions such as Zoomarine Park and Aqualand Waterpark.

  • Praia dos Salgados: Golden sands and crystal-clear waters make this beach perfect for sunbathing and long walks.
  • Praia da Gale: Surrounded by stunning rock formations, this beach is a must-visit for nature lovers.
  • Zoomarine Park: Enjoy marine life shows, thrilling rides, and even swim with dolphins at this popular family attraction.
  • Aqualand Waterpark: Cool off on hot summer days with numerous water slides and attractions for all ages.

Don’t miss the chance to explore the Algarve region or take a day trip to Portugal’s highest mountain range, Serra da Estrela. With so much to see and do, your stay at Salgados Dunas Suites will be filled with unforgettable memories.

Epic Sana Marques Hotel – Luxury Living in Lisbon

Experience luxury in the heart of Lisbon at the 5-star Epic Sana Marques Hotel, complete with a stunning rooftop terrace offering panoramic views of the city’s vibrant streets and historic landmarks.

Breathtaking Rooftop Terrace Views

Relax on the rooftop terrace and take in the panoramic views of Lisbon’s bustling streets, including Sao Jorge Castle and Belem Tower, while enjoying the outdoor swimming pool.

Premium Amenities

  • Luxurious Accommodations: Choose from various room types equipped with modern amenities such as air conditioning, flat-screen TVs, minibars, coffee machines, and complimentary Wi-Fi access.
  • Fine Dining: Indulge in traditional Portuguese cuisine and international flavors at the on-site restaurant, Scale, featuring signature dishes made with fresh ingredients sourced from local markets.
  • Wellness Facilities: Rejuvenate your body and mind at the luxurious spa, featuring an indoor pool, sauna, steam room, and a range of treatments tailored to suit individual needs. For fitness enthusiasts, there is also a fully-equipped gym available for use during your stay.
  • Convenient Location: Situated in Lisbon’s city center near Marques de Pombal Square, the hotel offers easy access to nearby attractions such as Eduardo VII Park and Avenida da Liberdade shopping district, as well as public transportation options like metro stations just steps away from the hotel entrance.

Experience exceptional service and feel right at home while exploring all that Lisbon has to offer.

FAQs in Relation to Where to Stay in Portugal

What’s the Best Place to Stay in Portugal?

The best place to stay in Portugal depends on your preferences, whether you’re looking for luxury in Lisbon’s Chiado district, coastal beauty in Algarve, or history in Sintra’s palaces and castles.

What’s the Best Part of Portugal?

The best part of Portugal varies for each traveler, with popular destinations including Lisbon for its culture, Porto for its charm, Algarve for its beaches, Douro Valley for wine tasting, and Sintra for UNESCO World Heritage sites.

Where Do Most Expats Live in Portugal?

Most expats choose to live in cities like Lisbon, Porto, or Faro due to their international communities and job opportunities, while the coastal region of Algarve attracts many retirees seeking a relaxed lifestyle with warm weather year-round.

Where Do English-Speaking Expats Live in Portugal?

English-speaking expats often reside in areas such as Lisbon, Cascais, Estoril, or the Algarve region due to their established international communities and availability of services catering specifically towards English speakers.


Looking for a place to stay in Portugal? Casa Brava and Quinta de la Rosa offer eco-friendly and luxurious options, respectively.

Prefer a beach getaway? Salgados Dunas Suites boasts breathtaking views and plenty of activities.

If history is your thing, Tivoli Palacio de Seteais in Sintra’s UNESCO World Heritage Site center is a must-see.

With options for every budget and interest, Portugal has got you covered. Start planning your trip now!

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