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Waiting To Be Heroes

Gerald L. Rowles, Ph.D.
July 21, 2001

Gary Condit is a worm. Not the garden variety worm, mind you, but the kind that causes dysentery and computer crashes.

Never mind that he may be kinked in a way more perverse than even our vaunted ex-president, and that he may even be a serial seducer - or worse. Whether he has seduced 27 trystets is mere embellishment.

Fact is, Gary Condit is an elected, high profile "leader and male role model" who is also a defiant, self-admitted adulterer.

And as such he is a virus that infects and degrades the body of masculinity and manhood.

Washington D.C. is an island awash with worms like Condit. As columnist Michelle Malkin put it "...the most dangerous lechers and creeps are not drunks wearing rags on the street, but respectable men wearing hairspray, pinstripes, and wedding rings who lurk in the halls of power."

And their greatest supporters appear to be radical feminists who wander those same halls as legislators - and lobbyists such as NO(L)W - the National Organization of Lesbian Women. Columnist Rebecca Hagelin summed it up nicely:
"The expected secondary characters in this Washington, D.C.-set film are the radical political activists frequently seen protesting in the streets the screaming, coat-hanger waving, angry feminists who deem themselves as the great moral crusaders on behalf of oppressed women. Yet, in this (Condit) story, the feminist players are also strangely missing. ... Just like they were when Kathleen Willey was victimized by their hero, President Clinton. Just like they were when another starry-eyed intern was caught in the insidious trap set for her by the same sex-crazed president. The silence of these radical feminist organizations exposes them as the hypocrites they are and betrays the women who 'bought into' their false moral crusades of equal protection."

Why are NOLWs silent? Because this is the kind of slovenly behavior they expect of men ... and because they are prepared to exploit the weakness and vulnerability to exposure of such "men". What better ally?

Lecherous legislators and the rad-fems who support them share common personality traits. They are angry, sex-focused dominators/dominatrixes; and they are consumed with the pursuit and maintenance of political power.

Is it any surprise then that they are mutually supportive?

Unquestionably, some male politicians still play the knight in shining armor on "women's issues". Despite two decades of the transparent hypocrisy of feminists, relentless scientific proof of the gender-mutuality of violence, and the carnage of abortion and fatherless children, these adult juveniles maintain the playground mentality where a group of boys will gang up on another boy(s) when some girl alleges that he/they dissed her.

And the outcome; the lechers and Lancelots support each other in the arena of feminist politics.

Is it any surprise then that the Fatherhood Movement cannot gain traction in this perverse milieu?

"Of course all men are potential if not actual pederasts, batterers and philanderers", they nod to one another. Here we find the lechers, projecting their own perverse personality traits on the everyman, aligned with the Lancelots who know or reasonably suspect their colleagues' dirty secrets. And so the feminist propaganda retains its vitality on the basis of this isolated cocoon of associative contamination.

But the Condits, Kennedys, Harts, Clintons, and their ilk are not representative of the everyman in America. They are the anti-men.

These are the real men:
  • Divorced dads who pay child support proportional to the time they are "allowed" to influence their children's lives. Even those who have been sabotaged or ejected totally out of their childrens' lives pay nearly half of what they must, despite the pain of loss and emptiness - and the vicissitudes of earning a living.
  • Policemen and firemen who protect and serve every day, whether it's a man or a woman who is endangered.
  • Male office workers who continue to give their best efforts to their employers, despite the detrital hostility and legal threats of their victim-female counterparts.
  • Male athletes who continue to pursue excellence in the sport they have chosen, despite the decimation of men's athletic programs through the feminist-inspired Title IX quota mandates.
  • Male victims of spousal abuse who bear their pain in silence rather than betray the role of protector and the code of male honor.
  • Men who continue to make the marital commitment, despite the three out of four odds that their spouse may dump them for trivial reasons.
  • Men who continue to enlist in the armed services and dedicate their lives and energy to the protection of their country, despite the feminization of those services.

    These are the men who the power-brokers continue to cravenly criminalize and defame in the projected image of their own lechery, contaminated naivete, and power seeking.

    These are the men who are sickened by the dishonorable conduct of the Condit worm, and whose masculinity is tarnished by his exposure.

    Sadly, these are the men who will most likely risk or sacrifice their lives should the country call upon them to protect it from hostile despots.

    These are the men who are just waiting to once again be acknowledged as the quiet heroes they are - IF the lesbians, homosexuals, radical feminists, lecherous politicians, victim pimps and liberal media would just allow them back into their families.

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