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The Child Threw A Ball:
A Cultural Rorschach

Gerald L. Rowles, Ph.D.
November 5, 2001

In the midst of a progressive cultural detritus, something awful happened on September 11th which brought ambiguity, androgeny, and relativism into proper focus. Let me propose a simple psychological test to demonstrate my hypothesis.

Form a picture in your mind which represents the sentence, "The child threw a ball." Got it? OK, while you visualize your personal image, let's consider what might occur to others. A feminist may see a tomboyish girl throwing a basketbal at a hoop, with WNBA aspirations. A radical feminist might see a boy throwing a ball at a female playmate in an attempt to injure and intimidate her. A boomer mother might picture her son or daughter tossing the soccer ball onto the field. An inner-city male might imagine a young Michael Jordan lobbing a spectacular swoosh. A New York city boy might conjure a game of sandlot baseball, and his own pitch. A local policeman might envision a youthful vandal breaking a window. A homosexual pederast may fantasize a youthful coming-out party.

What is the likelihood that your mental picture will be exactly the same as any other person's? Pretty remote, especially if you add all of the potential variables like types and colors of clothing, location, type of ball, etc. But if you were to ask any of those people to share their image with you, you would likely learn something about their perception of the world. That insight would be enhanced if you encouraged them to build a story around their image. And should you begin to challenge their imagery, suggesting that it betrayed their prejudices and perversions, you could end up in a fist fight or some serious hair pulling.

Prior to September 11th, the cultural landscape of America had become littered with varied relativistic ambiguities and fractionated gender models which assumed a perceptual prominence vastly disproportional to their merit. Multiculturalism, diversity, Hermaphroditus, and other victim-demimondes each planted their respective flags on the grassy knolls of America's institutions, rendering them virtually unrecognizable as to their historic function.

And then something even more terrible happened. A few deranged zealots commandeered large aircraft and profaned the function for which those vehicles were designed; converting them from airborn transports to earth-bound missiles. "The person flew the plane" became a stimulus for Gorgonian imagery and heartsick empathy.

~ *** ~
In contrast to most other nations, the identity of an American citizen is defined by shared political values and principles rather than by ethnicity, race, religion, class, language, gender, or national origin. These shared values and principles have helped to promote cohesion in the daily life of Americans and in times of crisis have enabled them to find common ground with those who differ from them (103).
- Calabasas, CA: Center for Civic Education. 1994.
In the hours and days that have followed, America has found its common ground. And it is not littered by hyphens, pink triangles, circles with strap-on arrows or pluses, feminized doves on blue fields, or stylized unisex stick figures.

A few of the relativists and do-your-own-thingers have attempted to bring their littered thinking to the patriotic rally. "I don't think the schools should have any role in teaching patriotism, because everyone defines it differently" pouts the muddle-headed soccer-mom. She seems to believe that patriotism is equivalent to a fashion statement. But the true, if sometimes silent, majority of Americans are thankfully lacking in such fashion consciousness.

The previously unfashionable "Old Glory" and "In God We Trust" have brought majestic unity to the the gruesome wreckage of the killing grounds, vacating the sordid battlefronts of disunity.

The voices of disparity and splenetic entitlement have been consigned to the clod-pated station that is their due. And those who represent them have been appropriately sanctioned with ridicule and disapprobation. Extravagantly UN-PC judgments have been refreshingly rendered ... for this brief, shining moment.

Though as sure as there will be a sunrise, the disunifiers and the redefiners will return from remission to metasticize their cancer in the body politic. Someone will determine: that one-in-four heroic firefighters are actually deadbeats; that any number of decorated combat heroes are actually sexual harassers; that the war against terror waged in defense of this great nation is actually a hegemonic enterprise to subjugate lesser nations for their oil and figs; that the flag is actually a symbol of oppression; - ad literatim nauseum.

Or maybe not. The child threw a ball, and perceptions change - and at least once, for the better.

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