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Teen says she might accept plea deal in sibling's slaying - Lewisville girl admits killing her 6 Y.O. brother
The Dallas Morning News | October 17, 2002 | By RACHEL HORTON / The Dallas Morning News

Posted on 10/17/2002 4:04 AM Pacific

Teen might accept plea deal in sibling's slaying

Police say Lewisville girl admitted killing her younger brother


By RACHEL HORTON / The Dallas Morning News

DENTON - A 15-year-old Lewisville girl who is charged with killing her 6-year-old brother will agree to a plea bargain, two people close to the case said Wednesday.

Prosecutors have offered the girl a sentence of about half the time she could face if the case went to trial, those close to the case said. If convicted in a jury trial of killing Jackson Carr, the girl could face up to 40 years in prison, starting at a juvenile facility.

A legal guardian appointed to represent the girl told prosecutors Wednesday that the girl would agree to the plea bargain instead of going to trial Nov. 18, those close to the case said.

Jackson Carr

Denton County Judge Tom Whitlock has issued gag orders and closed the cases of the girl and her 10-year-old brother, who also is charged with killing Jackson Carr, to the public and the news media.

Denton County First Assistant District Attorney Lee Ann Breading has said that a deal for jail time has been offered.

Kimberly McCary, the girl's attorney, said her client is ready for closure. A hearing to make the plea bargain final is expected next week, she said.

"Her patience is at an end," Ms. McCary said. "She has been in detention since April. She needs legal resolve so she can move on to the next step."

The girl and her 10-year-old brother remain in custody at the Denton County Juvenile Detention Center.

Ms. McCary said that in the case of a conviction for her client, a jury would probably call for the maximum punishment because of the age of the victim.

Police have said the girl led officers to her brother's body, which was buried under brush behind the family home, about 1 a.m. April 16, and admitted to killing him. The 10-year-old brother told detectives that he held the boy down, police said.

The guardian, Denton attorney Russell Welch, considered the plea bargain for several weeks before making a recommendation for the girl to accept it, those close to the case said. He was appointed because of the possibility that the girl's parents would not act in her best interest because their youngest son was the victim, officials said.

The girl's parents, Michael and Rita Carr, did not return a phone call Wednesday afternoon. Their attorney, Knox Fitzpatrick, declined to comment.

Dan Kossmann, the 10-year-old's court-appointed attorney, said his client also has been offered a plea bargain but has not accepted. The boy's trial is set for Dec. 9.


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