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Gentlemen, We Are All
Descended From Soldiers

Gerald L. Rowles, Ph.D.
May 27, 2002

It's been said to the point of cliché that Freedom is not free. The fight for freedom is the fire that burns in the soul of America. It is the burning light of Lady Liberty's torch held aloft. It is the signal fire that draws immigrants from all points of the globe. In the mind of every young gentleman is the awareness that America may call upon her sons to rekindle that fire, or prohibit its detractors from extinguishing its flame.

Those men who are rightly called our forefathers lit the torch with the flint of resolve and the kindling of a desire to freely pursue a dream that was to become America. Through their paternity, a legacy of freedom and the mandate to fight for its protection was born.

Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr, speaking to Harvard graduating class on May 30, 1895 captured the essence of that legacy:
"Behind every scheme to make the world over, lies the question, What kind of world do you want? The ideals of the past for men have been drawn from war, as those for women have been drawn from motherhood. For all our prophecies, I doubt if we are ready to give up our inheritance. Who is there who would not like to be thought a gentleman? Yet what has that name been built on but the soldier's choice of honor rather than life? To be a soldier or descended from soldiers, in time of peace to be ready to give one's life rather than suffer disgrace, that is what the word has meant; and if we try to claim it at less cost than a splendid carelessness for life, we are trying to steal the good will without the responsibilities of the place."
From Valley Forge to Desert Storm, America has been bred and sustained by its front-line gentleman soldiers. The history of their prodigious sacrifice to a proud, vital legacy is writ larger than life:

Revolutionary War 200,000 enrolled 10,623 dead & wounded
War of 1812 286,000 enrolled 6,765 dead & wounded
Mexican War 78,700 enrolled 17,435 dead & wounded
Spanish-American War 306,800 enrolled 4,108 dead & wounded
World War I 4,743,800 enrolled 320,518 dead & wounded
World War II 16,353,700 enrolled 1,077,245 dead & wounded
Korean War 5,764,100 enrolled 157,530 dead & wounded
Vietnam War 8,744,000 enrolled 243,501 dead & wounded
Gulf War 2,750,000 enrolled 1,766 dead & wounded
Total All Wars 39,227,100 enrolled 1,839,489 dead & wounded

More than 39 million gentlemen, soldiers, are being renowned this Memorial Day; forefathers to us all. Looking back on the cost of maintaining freedom brings a new sobriety to the notion that freedom is indeed not free. Each of our forbearers, in defending the legacy of freedom, of America, faced a 1 in 20 chance of sacrificing either life or limb with splendid carelessness.

"A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle." - Gloria Steinem

Consider carefully that legacy during the 364 days in-between that have become carelessly infused with the disgraceful notion that "masculinity" has become a "bad smell in the room" (Time, 2/14/1994).

What kind of world do you want? Isn't it more authentic, more honorable, more palatable, more responsible, more fruitful, to value those splendid gentlemen, soldiers, from whom we are all descended - every day?

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