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Clever teenagers wait longer for first kiss
U.K. Telegraph
February 29, 2000

BRIGHT teenagers delay their first kiss and lose their virginity later than adolescents of average intelligence, a report claimed yesterday.

Many put off any kind of minor sexual activity, including holding hands, according to the study led by Dr Carolyn Halpern of the University of North Carolina. Before the study, her team thought teenagers on the high end of the IQ scale would be least likely to have sex and those on the low end would be most likely.

The team "thought teens of lower intelligence might be more vulnerable to being taken advantage of or less likely to consider possible negative consequences of having sex", said Dr Halpern. But she was surprised to find that the least intelligent teenagers also appeared to delay sexual contact.

She said parents or other guardians might shield them, especially girls, from sexual liaisons longer than others. Although the team could not determine exactly why, their analysis - which takes into account age, physical maturity, economic status and other factors - suggested that motivations were different for lower and higher-intelligence teenagers.

Overall, an adolescent of average intelligence was up to five times more likely to have had sex compared with teenagers with higher IQs, depending on which age and sex group was considered, said Dr Halpern, assistant professor of maternal and child health.

She said: "The association between intelligence and refraining from sexual intercourse was stronger for girls than for boys and stronger for older teens." Dr Halpern was surprised that the relationship between intelligence and postponing sex existed even with kissing or light petting, said the report in the Journal of Adolescent Health.

It is commonly assumed the link between good exam results and sexual postponement is due to the desire of adolescents to safeguard goals, like going to university. But Dr Halpern said: "Our results suggest that this is not the whole story. It is hard to believe that teens avoid kissing because they see it as the start of a slippery slope to possible pregnancy."

The team analysed information from two samples. One included data on about 12,000 adolescents and the second detailed levels of sexual contact among 100 boys and 200 girls.

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