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Husband dies after wife runs over him

2 men were fighting in front of car; death is ruled an accident

Staff Writer

A woman accidentally ran over her husband early Wednesday morning as he and another man wrestled in front of her car, Charlotte-Mecklenburg police said.

The man, 37-year-old Dana Charles Dixon, died from his injuries.

"A lot of things were happening in a short time," Homicide Detective Dave Osorio said. "We think she freaked out when they were stumbling over the car ... She didn't realize she hadn't put the car in park."

The woman told investigators her husband woke her up about 3 a.m. Wednesday and asked her to drive his friend home.

On the way, the woman said, her husband and the friend, whom she had never met, began to argue.

Osorio said the woman told police that her husband told her to pull the car over on Woodlawn Road, and when she did the two men got out and began fighting. They eventually ended up on the ground in front of the car.

The detective said the woman, not realizing the car wasn't in park, then took her foot off the brake and the vehicle hit Dixon, trapping him underneath it. He said the woman didn't realize what had happened but got out of the car because the man her husband had been fighting with ran away.

Osorio said the woman ran to a nearby motel and asked someone to call 911, but Dixon died before rescuers could free him.

He said the case will be presented to the Mecklenburg district attorney but that he does not expect charges. He said the Mecklenburg medical examiner has ruled the death accidental.

Osorio said detectives have been unable to locate the man who was fighting with Dixon and would like to talk to him about what he saw.

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