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What Father's Rights 'Movement'?

You Mess With One Of Us
You Mess With All Of Us

Whither Manhood and Fatherhood;
It's Time To Yell 'Fire' In This Theater

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Free Fatherhood Wallpaper
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Quote: Mal:4:6:
And he shall turn the heart
of the fathers to the children,
and the heart of the children
to their fathers, lest I come
and smite the earth with a curse.

Dads Help Weather the Storms

Image: Home Soon, Love Daddy.

Phrase: Dads help families bridge troubled waters.

Phrase: Life's Beach:
Sandy beach, World so vast, Flotsam and jetsam, Lives gone past.
Underfoot, Softly crushed, All but noticed, Life's so rushed.
Broken hearts, Broken shells, Dads and kids, Private hells.

It's The Family Stupid !
That's the message we want
legislators and courts to hear.

needs your financial support to get public support behind the notion that Dads DO have The-Right-Stuff, and to destroy the currently reigning feminist's myths. These are our goals:


Begin a campaign of radio spots (PSA's) and billboards that carry the simple message that Dads and an intact Family matter in the life of a child - in fact are essential.

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As part of the media spots, men / Dads will be invited to seminars in public arenas on a state by state basis, featuring prominent speakers, known for their contributions to the Fatherhood movement. Dr. Stephen Baskerville, Dr. Sanford Braver, Dr. David Popenoe, Dr. Warren Farrell, and legal scholars will be invited to weigh in and provide suggestions and encouragement for Fathers and single men to organize and demonstrate their demands that state legislators begin to practice the equality that is our constitutional guarantee.

Typically, such events also provide a great deal of free radio and media exposure for interviews and free promos that raise awareness and encourage participation.

A third opportunity is that of having co-presentations to state legislative bodies when the speakers arrive for the public seminars.


Legal activism is the third co-objective. With your contributions, and the advice of legal and legislative counsel, DA*DI wants to file significant class-action suits in seminal cases where due process and constitutional guarantees have been grossly usurped in the so-called family court arena. It's well past time to send an unmistakable message to the feminist cohort that dominate the family courts that they are being held accountable for their actions. The objectives are shared custody and enforcement, prosecution for false allegations of abuse, the end of "debtor's prison" for beat-dead-dads, and financial realism in child support awards.

As we've said, this is an ambitious undertaking and not all goals will be realized overnight. But the axiomatic objective is "Success Breeds Greater Success."

In the meantime, DA*DI will explore charitable grant opportunities toward these objectives. In 2003, our aim remains to raise funds to initiate all three primary objectives. The DA*DI Board of Directors and Officers will continue to provide their services to coordinate the achievement of these initial efforts. We have, after all, provided our services voluntarily (that's free) for ten years.


DA*DI is no longer offering memberships. We have found that membership implies a private club providing specific individual assistance, which is not part of the DA*DI charter. We are a grassroots organization attempting to spread the fatherhood message outside of the limits and confines of the Internet.

DA*DI also realizes that "beat-dead-dad" is more than a catch-phrase. Both emotionally and financially, divorced Dads are struggling to meet the burdens imposed upon them by an Industry designed to keep them in check - by stealing their paychecks.

DA*DI responds, on average, to more than 100,000 unique page requests per month. Just think what a powerful war-chest we could amass on behalf of Dads and their kids if every visitor only sent $1 per month. Remember this, DA*DI has been serving Dads, for free, for nearly ten years - operating solely on the philosophy "It's The Right Thing To Do". But if we have learned only one lesson it is this; the feminist juggernaut cannot be stopped by good intentions alone and active mobilization requires funding.

It is this realization that prompted us to invest several thousand dollars of personal funds, and nearly a year of effort, in obtaining 501(c)(3) status for DA*DI - to provide an incentive for your contribution.

As we came to the end of 2001, DA*DI was more than $24,000.00 short of covering our 2001 expenditures. And 2002 more than matched that figure. We need your help.

It has been and remains our profound, sincere hope that we can make a difference for DADS and their kids. Let's show America that DADS, Have The-Right-Stuff. It's time for the terrorism of feminism, and more importantly, the abuse of our children, to end.

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