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Queer PC: Dads are A.W.O.L.

Gerald L. Rowles, Ph.D.
October 12, 2001

Some time ago, I wondered whether the homosexual agenda would invigorate fathers to re-invoke their roles as familial protectors. This was in particular response to the outing of NAMBLA (North American Man-Boy Love Association), and their agenda to normalize "male intergenerational intimacy (pedophilia)." The American Psychological Association, not to be outdone in the Queer PC drive, advanced the notion through a prominent journal that the role of fathers should be "deconstructed":
"However, we do not believe that the data support the conclusion that fathers are essential to child well-being and that heterosexual marriage is the social context in which responsible fathering is most likely to occur." On the other hand, they assert; "If, in contrast, one assumes that gay and lesbian parents can create a positive family context, then one is likely to initiate research that investigates the strengths of children raised in these families."

"Gay Pride" flag
So far, Dads have been A.W.O.L. on the front lines of this Iwo Jima, and the gay rainbow flag is now a symbol of the mincing derision of our brave forefathers and the traditional family:
"The Kid : What Happened After My Boyfriend and I Decided to Go Get Pregnant : An Adoption Story"
- by Dan Savage

"Crammed with chokingly funny passages on everything from impressing a stone-faced birth mother to using a baby as an excuse to get fat, this account of gay adoption by the syndicated sex columnist is easily one of the most laugh-out-loud hilarious books of the year."
Are you laughing, chokingly, yet?

The hijacking of America's children is not taking place surreptitiously, but openly and brazenly in every one of our institutions and traditions. Even in the wake of Dr. Laura's high profile expose' of the NAMBLA assault, in the past year or so, uncounted newsworthy events have barely percolated to the surface of PC media awareness.

  • In Arkansas, 13 y.o. Jesse Dirkhising was raped to death by two homosexuals who had "befriended" him.
  • When a Bridgewater State student was threatened with being disowned by his family for practicing homosexuality, the University usurped the family's wishes by establishing a special scholarship for cut-off kids.
  • A newborn baby was seized by state police and DSS agents from her mother's arms at the Mary Lane Hospital in Massachusetts and given to homosexual foster parents. This "after a gay, foster care parent in Worcester County was arrested last month for raping two boys in his custody."
  • The ACLU has filed a lawsuit challenging Arkansasí policy banning gay adoption and foster care. Rita Sklar, executive director of the ACLU of Arkansas, says "The real victims of this policy are the children who desperately need foster parents.
  • "A 'strip serve' drill played by girl volleyball players at a North Texas middle school was halted after parents complained to school officials. Three female coaches supervised the 22 eighth-graders ... The drill required team members to take off shoes, socks, kneepads or hair accessories if a player missed a serve. (It) was stopped after a few girls decided to undress further, school officials said. ... the coaches are still employed by the district. "
  • "That's A Family!" and "It's Elementary" are two of a three part video series that was released last spring for showings in elementary schools across the country. The proud authors of this series proclaimed: "Giving elementary school students the opportunity to hear the word 'gay' and 'lesbian' described in a matter-of-fact way by their peers, and experience gay and lesbian families in the context of ... [a] diverse group of other families, could have a profound effect on their values and behavior for the rest of their lives." (Please define "profound".)
  • A lesbian/feminist, sexually explicit stage play "The Vagina Monologues" being featured on college campuses around the country, in part, extravagantly portrays the seduction (rape) of a young girl by an older lesbian.
  • In Britain, a homosexual group wants to teach 4 year-olds about anal sex.

    Another "Gay Pride" flag
  • In a suburb of Chicago, a "lesbian couple" were arraigned for inflicting more than 400 wounds on the eleven-month old daughter of one of the women.
  • In Massachusetts, last year, the Department of Education sponsored a seminar presentation by a lesbian teacher in which the audience was thirty 14 year-olds. Among the educational affirmations of homosexuality, these minds full of mush were instructed in sadomasochism and "fisting." If you don't know what the latter is, think anal/vaginal insertion.
  • Just this week, in Queer PC ridden California, the parents of a homosexual teen brought suit against his school district, superintendant, and teachers for "failing to protect him from repeated anti-gay harassment." Is this gay pride, or greedy opportunism?

    Having monitored this daily escalating parade of perversion for several years, I find it unfathomable that American fathers aren't marching armed in the streets seeking out these purveyors and perpetrators. Quite apart from the exceptional arraignments on criminal charges in only two of these 10 samples, it is mind-boggling that the remaining eight have not been prosecuted as child abuse and/or exploitation.

    I suspect that divorced dads who have been falsely accused of child abuse, as a standardized leverage tactic by their divorcing spouse, will find it a particularly bitter irony to recall their forced separation from their children ... while the true perverts and molesters not only go unpunished, but are queerly celebrated for aggressively promoting "diversity."

    Where are these and other still-married hetero-dads? Are they cowards? Have they been so intimidated by the feminization of the culture? Are they simply oblivious to the gravity of this ubiquitous assault on their children? Have they bought into the almost laughable, and most certainly mythological "homophobic" propaganda? How are they allowing this to happen?

    In the famous words of Dr. Laura: "How could you do that?!"

    Sadly, I'm coming to believe that the reason men/dads are A.W.O.L. in this battle is because of, to once again quote Dr. Laura, "the abdication of character, courage, and conscience." And why is that? Because this hyper-sexualized culture is simply too satyr-rific.

    Gluttonously quaffing at the media trough of sexualized sitcoms, x-rated movies, soft-porn advertising, and swim suited sports goddesses simply leaves hetero-men (and hetero-women) in the untenable situation of living in glass houses.

    Well dads, it's time to pull up your zippers and get off your fat aspirations. Your kids are drowning in this shipwrecked culture of sexuality. Remember the Titanic ... and the sniveling cowards that dressed up as women in order to be first in the lifeboats? They subsequently lived lives of shame and derision.

    How will your children regard you, and your generation? Will they judge you to be Absent, WithOut Loving? Will you dismiss them, as too judgemental?

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