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"All that is necessary for the forces of evil to win in the world is for enough good men to do nothing." - Edmund Burke

The Problem With Men:
Will It Take Public Lynchings?

To use a shopworn phrase, nobody is taking notice of the elephant in the room. Bearing a striking resemblance to the lumbering hulk of an elephant, American men are seemingly oblivious to the creeping undergrowth of the feminist jungle.

Some remaining men's organizations continue to wage a valiant, if not check-mated, counter-offensive against the tyranny of the family court system. But that is merely one front in the cultural gender war. On another front, we occasionally hear from the Center for Military Preparedness on their attempts to stop the steady disintegration of the American Military. And on yet another, the National Rifle Association remains the equivalent of the WWII Maginot Line between the second amendment and the blitzkrieg of the soccer moms. But these are merely the visible tips of the tallest trees in the encroaching forest of a feminized culture.

Ironically, the most potent forces working against these cultural loyalists are the majority male legislators who fear loss of acceptance by the minority of feminist legislators and worse, loss of power and privilege. These self-absorbed males represent the greatest threat to their own gender. Little do they realize that once they are no longer needed as judas goats to make it appear to the male herd as if men are in still charge, they too will become cannon fodder. Haven't these men noticed how many male generals and other officers have fallen prey?

In my travels through the private sector of the business world, the abuses of men are legion. Walking through the premises which house a national banking concern, a vast generic maze of office cubicles, one finds scattered clusters of women huddled in conversation. Men are seen silently skittering from one area to another, avoiding direct glances, remaining speechless, and making themselves as small as possible.

I vividly remember one encounter with a female supervisor. She had this unnerving habit of grabbing her crotch like an absent-minded short stop. On another occassion, I encountered her having a conversation with a twentyish male employee. This conversational exchange was as laced with vulgarity and profanity as any I've encountered on a construction site. The woman was old enough to be his mother - but was just being one of the boys.

Over a given time period, one becomes aware that the hushed spector of "sexual-harrassment" hangs over the land of cubicles like a jungle mist.

Many young women characteristically address males in their working peer group with thinly veiled contempt. Female supervisors convey patronizing memos and direct verbal inquiries to otherwise competent males without challenge. Working women now wear "empowerment" on their sleeves like a drill-sargeant's stripes - in full view, and full warning to all whom they approach.

Some of the most aggressive, and reckless, drivers on the highways and biways are young women in small sporty coupes that are commensurate with their physical stature.

The culture is saturated with female pheromones that establish their territoriality. They are found in every mode of media communication; throughout middle-management levels in every enterprise; and with even greater frequency in bureaucratic circles.

Licensing boards for medical, mental health, and countless other specialities are dominated by female members and their homosexual mediums - bringing their gender-biased agenda to administrative policies.

As if straight, heterosexual men did not have enough to contend with, they are beset by the "third gender" that wants to label as "homophobes" those who do not accept their deviancy. Yet one more despicable heterosexual male trait.

And there is no end of academicians who have found themselves de-tenured for not having a visibly "sensitive" (nee feminist) perspective in their intellectual treatises.

One cannot pick up a newspaper, turn on the news, or scan the internet without finding multiple daily stories of men (white men in particular) who have forfeited promising (and sometimes lengthy) careers in the military, law enforcement, research, education, and administration as a result of the slightest gender misstep.

Harassment lawsuits and career terminations have become nearly as commonplace as paternal disenfranchisement. Male careerists as a group, and Fathers as a group, share the commonality of being between a rock and a hard place. Both are held in their subordinate place by the threat of legal action.

The criminalization of masculinity is ubiquitous. But too many men laugh it off as a mere cultural artifice. All they have to do, they tell themselves, is simply walk on eggs (no pun intended) and they'll dodge the bullet. All too many dads have found that to be a false premise, as have many men of rank and position. A mere allegation is sufficient to felonize the most inadvertent perpetrator of a "gender crime" - the definition of which shifts daily if not hourly. It is, after all, not a matter of facts but of the "seriousness of the allegation."

I could expand on any one of these intentionally broad generalizations with endless studies and statistics from academia in support. But as the saying goes, for those who would hear, no explanation is necessary; for those who would not, no explanation is sufficient.

The problem with men is this; at what point does this assault on equity, due process and human worth reach the point of outrage and revolt.

Will it be when just a few men are quietly lynched, or later when mass public lynchings become frequent. Or will these violations evolve so gradually that no one notices any longer. Or will it become as politically incorrect to protest these crimes as it is now to point out that violence against men by women is as often encountered as violence against women by men.

When we wake up, on all fronts, - military, judicial, familial, business - will we realize that this is but one universal feminist miasma, and the problem of each man is the problem of all men?

And what will be the final solution? I wonder.

Gerald L. Rowles, Ph.D.

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