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Janet Reno - Feminihilist Poster Girl

by Gerald L. Rowles, Ph.D.
September 10, 2001

In just eight years from 1992 to 2000, America witnessed perhaps the most successful pogrom against the culture of family in the past thirty years. The three leading players in this campaign of terror were the prima donnas of Il Villagio Familia. At the head of la familia was Dona Hillary!, and nearby, her intimates - Capo Donna Shalala and Consigliore Janet Reno. Like-minded and agenda-driven, adroitly utilizing fear and intimidation, they deeply corroded the cultural and constitutional reverence for - and confidence in - the traditional family.

Dona Hillary! revealed the agenda she had pursued for years when she published her Bolshevik opus. Put simply, the traditional family is incompetent to raise children in the shadowy America she imagines:
"In her ghostwritten manifesto It Takes a Village, Mrs. Clinton gushes, 'I cannot say enough in support of home visits' by government social workers. After all, she declares, 'Keeping children healthy in body and mind is the family’s and the village’s first obligation;' and in those 'terrible times when no adequate parenting is available ... the village itself must act in place of parents. It accepts those responsibilities in all our names through the authority we vest in workers and courts should make decisions about terminating parental rights of abusive parents more quickly ...' " Beware the Child Protectors
Compare this contemporaneous feminihilist agenda with that of the turn of the twentieth century Bolsheviks:
"We must remove the children from the crude influence of families," Soviet Communist Party educators were instructed at a conference in 1918. "We must take them over and, to speak frankly, nationalize them." Beware the Child Protectors
Accordingly, as head of the Department of Health and Human Services, Capo Shalala perpetrated a massive propaganda effort to instill fear and trembling in the general populace with fantastic stories of abuse being perpetrated against the adult female and her children. A 1996 DHHS-sponsored report exaggerated the number of abused children by more than 400%, claiming that nearly 3 million American children were being abused annually. By whom, was not made clear. After factoring out false allegations and replicated claims involving a single child, the actual abuse population turns out to be something less than 9 tenths of one percent of all children. Of that corrected percentage, nearly half were cases of "neglect", which often involved something as benign as one's unattended child meandering alone in the front yard. One-tenth of one percent were involved in sexual abuse, yet "abuse" became synonymous with "sexual abuse" in Il Familia's spin machine.

As a parent, imagine your child being safe from abuse 99.1% to 99.9% of the time. Rather than becoming hysterically fearful, wouldn't you more likely breath a whooshing sigh of relief.

But it was Consigliore Reno who possessed the most sadistic expertise for manipulating and exploiting parental and familial vulnerability. This expertise was hewn long before the Waco conflagration with which we are all numbingly familiar.

In the 1980s, as Dade County Florida District Attorney, Reno was made nationally through her rampant intimidation and coercion of "child abuse" allegations and convictions. To date, the only certainty is that those cases were phoney and conjured from the ground up.

For example, Grant Snowden, a police officer under "relentless pressure" from Reno's office was sentenced to five life terms for spurious charges of sexual offenses with two children. Twelve years later, his unjust conviction was overturned. By comparison, he was a lucky man.

When faced with a tough re-election campaign, Reno conjured her most gruesome and flagrant violation of the public trust. It became known as the Country Walk case. Ileana Fuster, a Honduran immigrant, provided babysitting to supplement the income of her husband Frank. When bathing or changing babies, like countless mothers in this country, she would playfully and innocently kiss the babies' torsos. Some women in the community were alarmed by such affectionate behavior. One in particular made a contact that brought Ileana and her husband to Reno's attention. Ultimately, using now discredited "experts" and their "anatomically correct" interrogations, Flores and her husband were charged and later convicted of various sickeningly preposterous claims.

Attorney Robert Rosenthal called this "the worst case" he had ever seen. What made it "the worst?"
" ... the brutality with which Reno's office extracted a confession from 17 y.o. Ileana, scarcely more than a child herself. For much of the eleven months she was held before she cracked, Ileana was kept in an isolation cell. In a sworn deposition, Stephen Dinerstein, the experienced investigator employed by the Fusters' attorneys, described how the bright, attractive girl with shiny black hair came to look as if she were 50, her skin covered with sores and infections. 'That she is in a cell with nothing in it but a light in the ceiling and that she is often kept nude and in view of everybody and anybody.' Reno personally came to the prison (30 visits) to put on the screws. Ileana, whose condition deteriorated so badly she could hardly move, told Dinerstein that 'the woman State Attorney [Reno] was very big and very scary' and made suggestions as to problems that would arise if she didn't cooperate."
After serving three years, Ileana was (mercifully) deported to Honduras. Her husband Frank remains in a Florida prison, sixteen years into a "six lifetimes plus 165 years" sentence.

And now, Consigliore Reno wants to be Frank's Governor. What do you think goes through the mind of an innocent man rotting in prison, stripped of his wife and children and life, as a result of this power-mad politico's feminihilism - on behalf of the children.

Reno, Shalala, and Hillary!. Today, these three mousketeers of feminihilism remain in power in one venue or another. But it is Reno who is the poster girl - the feminihilist's ultimate sadistic demolitionist:
"Finally Ileana 'confessed.' Clutching Reno's hand, she gave her deposition. Frank had hung his own 6 year old son Noel by the feet in the garage and twisted him like a punching bag, hung her up by her arms in the same garage, spread feces on her, forced her to perform sexual acts on the children at knifepoint; put snakes in her genitals and those of the children; and stuck a cross in her rectum. Ileana was rewarded for her cooperation with a ten year sentence ..." Janet Reno - Champion of Children
From whose fetid imagination did that perverse, sadistic fiction spring?

And this "very big and very scary woman" wants to be Florida's Governor.

Try to imagine what is going through Frank Fuster's mind ... just try. Instead of "Governor Reno," is the phrase "Inmate Reno" a bit more soothing?

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