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Oxygen?: New Chick Channel’s Liberal Anti-Male Agenda Leaves Viewers Gasping --

by Debbie Schlussel

I FEEL SORRY for White males, today . . . especially those on television. Shows make them look like idiots, if they even exist as characters.

A 1998 National Fatherhood Initiative study found that a minuscule 14.7 percent of TV programs featured fatherhood, and only 3.9 percent portrayed fathers positively.

These days, the only show where White males are winners is “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire.” Maybe because it’s one of the few shows on television that is real life. And even on “Millionaire” the White male got attacked recently by White male host Regis Philbin. I’ve previously written about the show’s avowed affirmative action efforts to take even this away from the male gender—resulting in the dumbing down of the entire show. But even television can’t successfully script reality into a politically correct result. White males still dominate that show, the only show they dominate.

Besides “Millionaire,” ABC’s got “The View.” Whose view? Five annoying yentas (well six, if you weighed calorically-challenged Star Jones) objectifying, vilifying, and attacking men in a way no men’s show would ever be allowed the pleasure to do to women. A typical show’s theme: Men are like pet dogs. Treat and train them accordingly.

But no Gloria Steinem or Betty Friedan complaining about this table turned.

There is no “Must-SHE TV” (an NBC promotion) for the HEs of this world. Men —the supposed bearers of society’s keys— don’t even have one network. Women have long had a network, the Damsel in Distress on PMS Channel —a/k/a “Lifetime”-- and now they’re getting another —the Oxygen Network.

We need another chick channel like a hole in the head. If most females watched a channel, it’d be number one. And if most females supported female candidates, Elizabeth Dole would be President. But she was among the first to drop out of the race, and Lifetime is only seventh in cable ratings. Obviously, the majority of women don’t want a female President, nor do they want to watch “women’s shows.” So why Oxygen?

Courtesy of Oprah and former Nickelodeon Chief Geraldine Laybourne, Oxygen debuted this month. Also funding this dubious network are ABC and America Online, raising questions about their proclaimed political impartiality, with Oxygen’s obvious liberal, feminist slant --not to mention the cheesy estrogen overload-- of programming that could only appeal to Hillary Clinton types.

When Hillary attacked cookie-baking homemakers, Oxygen’s philosophy was born. No cookies baked on Oxygen. And, coincidentally, the other partner in Oxygen is Carsey-Werner-Mandabach, the producers who brought us such womanly gems as “Roseanne” --who didn’t stay home baking cookies, either. She worked in the factory, belittled her husband who couldn’t support the family, and constantly bitched about traditional family life. Kinda like Oxygen’s programming.

For example, “(Pure) Oxygen”(P0)—two hours of prime-time chick gab, hosted by liberal-left political commentator Farai Chideya and some amateurish unknowns. PO has the most airtime on Oxygen, at least 10 hours of first-run, original programming per week. One airing featured several segments on female firefighters.

Unlike in most other cities’ fire departments, the New York City Fire Dept. (NYCFD) requires passage of the same physical test for all applicants without any “adjusted” standards for the fairer sex. Maybe that’s why only one or two women passed recently, and there have been only four female firefighters in the NYCFD in 16 years, despite the fact that females get physical trainers paid for by NYC taxpayers to prepare for the test.

Males don’t get this perk. But PO’s hostess overlooked that discrimination, saying the test was unfair because “women have a different physical make-up.” Welcome to equality, babe! The cameras showed a cute firefighter sculpture, which, one hostess said, “keeps me safe.” It was a MAN.

Next, it was PO’s Internet chat room discussion, run by a MAN, whose pony-tail the hostesses twirled, while laughing at their new boytoy. Do I see a sexual harassment lawsuit coming? The discussion centered on the day’s three key issues for net-surfing Oxygen viewers: France’s abortion pill, nude acting auditions, and marriage as unnecessary. The hostesses agreed that it’s great that the country of Jerry Lewis fans was distributing the morning-after pill to schoolgirls as young as 12, without their parents’ knowledge or permission. Although one hostess, Sandra Cuba, an unwed mother now living with a fiance, opposed this because it would take too much pressure off of boys and deter condom use. “We’re 110% pro-choice here,” Chideya added.

Chideya interviewed Michela Alioto, an Al Gore worker, registering people to vote. She complained about low voter turnout of single mothers and young people (Democrats), used liberal buzz issues like the alleged “digital divide,” and pushed “Rock the Vote” (an MTV partner whose left-wing agenda I’ve previously written about). Where was the conservative commentator? Not on Oxygen.

On another night, PO featured “Electoral Supermarket Playhouse.” Odd that a “progressive” women’s channel uses food and supermarkets to explain politics to women, as if they’d otherwise not grasp it. The “Playhouse” –a series of skits with crummy actors— showed a drowsy husband eating breakfast after a night of being unable to “perform.” His wife chides him about it and then introduces him to four cereal choices—“Gore-nola,” “Bradley-Os,” “Cap’n McCain Crunch,” and “Bush Bits,” describing the Presidential “cereal” candidates as good for health care, except the Bush cereal, described as the “unnatural” choice, “full of sugar.” We get the point—ever not so subtly.

The “Playhouse” closes and a we are treated to a “discussion” of the Presidential candidates’ positions on healthcare --led by Chideya-- with two liberal commentators describing the Democrats programs as sweeping reforms and the Republicans as small band-aids. One commentator is Oxygen Senior Vice President of Advocacy, Corporate Policy, and Public Programming, Cheryl Mills. Remember her? She’s the former Associate White House Counsel who defended Bill Clinton on the Senate Floor during Impeachment hearings. She played the race card, saying that Clinton shouldn’t be removed from office because Clinton’s grandfather was the first to sell to Blacks at his Arkansas store –as if that had anything to do with lying under oath. Where was the conservative commentator in this discussion? There’s no equal time on Oxygen.

The show ended with a fashion segment, proclaiming “thin isn’t in” –or at least that’s what the women, sitting on their fat rears watching, would like to think. The portly “reporter” covered a plus-size lingerie fashion show for the fat-chick clothing store, “Lane Bryant.” Using porcine models, fat chicks in thong underwear strutted down the New York runway. More visuals than I needed.

Other Oxygen shows include “Pajama Party,” in which two she-buddies hang out in their PJs. Been there, done that—at a slumber party in THIRD GRADE!!!! Topics on the show include: “What’s ‘vaginal rejuvenation’?” and “Should you shave with peanut butter?” I’m not making this up.

Do I really want to watch something called “TashaVision”? “We Sweat” —a “sports” show—featured two butch female racecar drivers a little too friendly toward each other. “X Chromosome” –including shorts called “Fat Girl” and “Bitchy Bits”— is described as “eccentric and one-of-a-kind animation series for women” examining “the contradictory moments that define what it is to be female.” Yeah, it’s eccentric and contradictory. One woman talks about her fantasy of going across country as a trucker, accompanying animation of a fat, butch, I-think-it’s-female trucker. Picture “Large Marge” –the trucker in “PeeWee’s Big Adventure.” If that’s “what it is to be female,” give me a sex change!

There is one highlight at Oxygen –Scott Carter, the brilliant MALE Executive Producer of Candice Bergen’s talk show, “Exhale.” Carter, writer of several successful screenplays, was lured from his job as Executive Producer and Writer at ABC’s “Politically Incorrect.” But a producer can only do so much, and he has to work with a hostess who makes statements like “You’re my first guest to get a hot flash and a page simultaneously.” A hostess who sucks up to liberal Democratic Congresswomen Maxine Waters and Loretta Sanchez.

The blatant left-wing slant on Oxygen is no surprise to Net surfers. On its website, Oxygen’s stated mission is to “change the way the world sees women . . . through television and online programming and through other advocacy efforts throughout Oxygen.” In other words, Oxygen’s got an agenda, and it’s the National Organization for Women’s (NOW’s) agenda. That’s why Oxygen hired Clinton’s liberal footsoldier, Mills –to “address women’s access to and participation in civic, political, and public policy issues that affect their lives;” to “oversee Oxygen’s grassroots initiatives;” and to “develop its legal and political programming to spearhead Oxygen’s efforts to better understand and represent women, including legal and political programming.” What other network gets involved in politics with this intensity, with such an overt agenda? It’s no secret there’s a gender gap in political identification, with many more women in the Democratic camp. (Though the way Oxygen portrays it , you’d think it wasn’t just a gap, but a chasmic monopoly—that there weren’t any female conservative Republicans, anywhere.) Liberals realize that not all their chosen candidates have looks like JFK and Clinton, to get gullible women voters to sweep them into office. Now they have a network to keep women in the right (or is that, left?) camp.

That’s why Oxygen hosts Washington, DC events featuring liberal Democrat Congresswoman Lynn Woolsey and officials of the radical feminist Center for Women’s Policy Studies. That’s why Oxygen’s website features political essays like “The New Lesbian Domesticity,” “Can Jesse Helms Block Women’s Rights?” and “Million Mom’s March: Children, Guns, and Justice.” That’s why Oxygen’s website has a political advocacy and “polling” section --the “Oxygen/ Markle Pulse”-- which “seeks to learn what women think and believe and to give voice to these findings through the media. We believe that research and the media, used together, can be powerful tools for change.”

Remember liberal former Democratic Congresswoman Pat Schroeder. She’s on the Advisory Board of “Oxygen/Markle Pulse.” Conservatives aren’t. The “polls” are conducted by liberal advocacy groups like EMILY’s List, which only supports Democratic female candidates, Moms for Gun Control (sponsor of “Million Mom March” for gun control, which Oxygen is promoting), the Center for Gender Equality, and Gender Dynamics in Congressional Elections.

Yup, Oxygen makes no pretense of fairness or equal time in its political presentation. But politics doesn’t get high ratings, especially among women --who are less likely to vote. And unfortunately for these female-oriented programmers, on TV Mother Earth must defer to Father Ratings and MISTER A.C. Nielsen. Only ten million viewers get Oxygen on their cable systems, and it’s completely shunned from the dial in New York, a must-market for any successful network. Amateurish production, the absence of men, and fat-chicks-in-lingerie aren’t interesting enough to make anyone watch.

Oxygen is also the name of the substance humans can’t live without. This network should have been called the Progesterone Channel. After all, no-one --women included— needs it, but it’s there anyway. And recent studies show it severely increases cancer risks by about 400%. There’s a reason my cable system designated Oxygen as Channel 68 in the cable nosebleed section. Watching Oxygen is hazardous to your health.

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