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JULY 28, 2003,1887,201927,00.html?

Only 7, and he's addicted to porn

KAOHSIUNG - A seven-year-old Taiwanese boy is getting expert help for his porn addiction.

He started watching X-rated VCDs as a toddler because his grandfather, who was looking after him, liked to watch them, according to a newspaper report.

His mother, identified only as Mrs Liu, said her father thought the child would not understand what was going on, the United Daily News said. He was wrong.

When the toddler learnt how to switch TV channels, he would search for those showing pornography instead of cartoons.

When he was about three years old, his mother found him fondling his penis while a porn film was showing on TV.

A shocked Mrs Liu moved out of her father's home, where she lived because her soldier husband was seldom at home.

She began to monitor the boy's behaviour and noticed that he liked to be hugged by busty women and would touch their breasts unabashedly, the report said.

In kindergarten, he would lift his teachers' skirts and draw naked women instead of cartoon characters.

He peeped at a neighbour, a woman who had a habit of sleeping naked without closing the windows.

He also stole her underwear and continued to do so despite scoldings and beatings by his mother.

Mrs Liu finally realised her young son needed expert help after he started touching her while she was asleep, the newspaper said.

Doctors at a psychiatric hospital in Kaohsiung told her that her son's behaviour was the result of prolonged exposure to pornographic films.

They said that adults were mistaken if they think very young children do not get influenced by such material.

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