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Defending America From Terrorism: N.U.G.s

by Gerald L. Rowles, Ph.D.
September 24, 2001

Following the 9-11 attack, President Bush has launched the War on Terrorism. In their own response, the media outlets have intoned a universal mantra; life in America will not be the same.

No matter what their nature, we are media-led to believe the petty debates-du-jour that were ubiquitous on 9-10, evaporated in the dusty collapse of the WTC monoliths.

I'm not convinced.

Over the ensuing fortnight, the NOW jihad has remained committed to sustaining the tyranny of their pre 9-11 petty terrorisms. Their current web page raises two hysterical alarms. One contends that when Governor Jeb Bush set aside discriminatory admissions policies favoring women and minorities at Florida universities, "women were the losers." Are you ready for this? Female enrollment has massively shrunken from an average majority of 57.2% to 56.5% - down .7% across the 11 state universities.

During the same period, minority admissions increased by .2%. But, the feminihilist screed continues unabated: " 'Florida NOW has been very concerned how One Florida impacts women, the forgotten minority,' said Tallahassee attorney Linda Miklowitz who is filing a friend of the court brief on behalf of NOW."

In what inconceivable fantasy world have women become a "forgotten minority?" They outnumber men in the general population. They outnumber men in college admissions. They outnumber men in media coverage of health and hygiene. They have but to ask for the job of their choice and physical / mental competence - or the employer will adjust the rules to accommodate them. NOW is the should-be-forgotten minority.

This brings us to NOW's second agenda item. Grit your teeth and read on.

Not to be overshadowed by those malevolent masculinists heroically pawing night and day through debris and body parts at the site of Ground Zero, the feminihilists re-assert their superior and majority victimology:
"Women are at higher risk for trauma-related reactions after last week's attacks: Women often put others' needs ahead of their own, delaying their healing processes, and women are twice as likely to be diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder."
Ex-cuuuuuu - se me, Ms bully broad. What   in   hell   do you think those amazing, grim-faced, helmeted men are doing, if not putting other's needs ahead of their own - swallowing back their wrenching guts, wiping smoke and grit from their eyes, ignoring the stench of decay, ignoring aching muscles, washing the foul air-borne contaminates from their mouths, hour after interminable hour without surcease.

Put a sock in it - NOW!

Meanwhile, thousands of military enlistees are sailing and flying into harm's way. 86% of those enlistees are N.U.G.s - you know, New Useless Guys.

NUGs is an acronym from some forgettable sit-com promo. Although offensive, the characterization is a perceptual fit with our feminized culture's minimization of manhood, fatherhood, and all things patriarchal. In truth, NUG is a fairly benign appelation in the feminist nomenclature for male fila. Most men would probably rather be thought useless - if they must choose between that and batterer, pedophile, or rapist.

I know, I know, from the media portrayals and army-of-one recruitment ads you could well have imagined that at least thirty to forty percent of our warriors were of the Xena, Warrior Princess, variety. In this man's army (navy, air force, marine corps), however, our princesses will with few exceptions be found attacking computers, hypodermics, engines and other important support paraphernalia. It is beyond unlikely that any soldier, sailor or pilot will get their backup from Dark Angel, Trinity, Storm or Mystique.

The vast majority of those warriors returning home in body bags and medical transports will be men. I double dog dare any bully broad to call these guys useless.

It's difficult to believe, or hope, that the 9-11 infamy really silenced America's nihilists. It seems more likely their bleating has merely been muffled to just so much white noise by the cacophony of very large planes slamming into very large buildings and very vulnerable bodies.

I want to believe that NUGs will be newly regarded as HUGs (Heroic Useful Guys).

I don't want to imagine they will they come back to a feminized society they have protected only to find that it still wants them neutered, jailed, and garnished; that they will find that 75% of their wives and girl friends have suffered ennui and decided to move on to more "self-actualizing" relationships; that they will find that their children thought them dead and or forgotten; that they will find that child support orders were put in place making them deadbeats, and in contempt of our contemptible family courts; that they will find that the culture regards them as baby killers as a result of war's collateral carnage.
I wonder.

Isn't it profoundly wondrous that the American male, especially those of the white heterosexual genre, readily volunteers to patriotically serve and protect a culture and its media, its court systems, and its politicians that as readily denigrate them en masse?

For the same reason that the "men's movement" has never coalesced into a unified front in the gender wars, men collectively remain the protectors of their society, their children, and even the womyn that vilify them. Men remain individualists and competitors. At some deep, inexplicable level, perhaps a genetic one, men are largely self-contained and enigmatically driven to establish their unique identity and mark on the culture. The American culture owes a great debt to that enigmatic male striving. It's not just the male protective role that engenders this debt. Unlike the deep, essential joiningness and homogenization qualities of the female influence, the male brings invention, exploration, creation, and uniqueness to his clan and to his culture. It's this invaluable set of resources that he contributes to his children and his family - and once again to his nation.

We can only Pray! Pray unceasingly! that post 9-11 America will not retain the slouch of the four prior decades, and that malignant, insane terrorism has miraculously restored old fashioned American sanity and spine.

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