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Texas Woman & Boyfriend Charged in Mutilation Killings of 3 Kids

Wed Mar 12, 2:03 PM ET

By LYNN BREZOSKY, Associated Press Writer

BROWNSVILLE, Texas - A woman and her common-law husband were charged with murder Wednesday after police found the bodies of a decapitated 1-year-old boy and two young siblings in the family's small, run-down apartment.

The children's 23-year-old mother, Angela Camacho, and John Allen Rubio, the 22-year-old father of the youngest child, were being held without bond, according to police Lt. Henry Etheridge.

The 1-year-old's body was found Tuesday night on a bed, and the others were in garbage bags beside it, police in this border town said.

Chief Carlos Garcia said he didn't know the conditions of the two bagged bodies because police were waiting for a search warrant to proceed.

The children had apparently been dead since Monday night, Garcia said. None was older than 5, he said.

Garcia described the one-bedroom apartment as bloody and messy.

"There's clothes, trash, all sorts of things thrown all over," he said. "Very poor, very trashy ... in the worst conditions that anyone could live in in the United States."

The bodies were found after a couple walked into the apartment, discovered the bloody scene and flagged down passing police officers, the chief said. They were being interviewed by police.

"It tears my heart. I want to cry. How can people do this?" said Nancy Garcia, 46, who lives nearby and said she grew up in the neighborhood. "There's help out there."

Brownsville is on the Mexican border, about 230 miles south of San Antonio.

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