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Local Mothers Sentenced For Suburban Prostitution Ring

Women Say They Ran Illegal Business To Help Support Children

POSTED: 6:03 p.m. EDT August 26, 2003
UPDATED: 6:15 p.m. EDT August 26, 2003

A judge sentenced two West Bloomfield women Tuesday for running a suburban prostitution ring, Local 4 reported.
Attorney Defends Women Accused Of Prostitution

Debra Hoekstra and Mary Albanese (both pictured, from left to right) were sentenced to one year's probation and mandatory drug screening. Albanese apparently worked as a dominatrix, performing sex acts for money out of the home she shared with her children in the Silverbrooke Villa community in West Bloomfield Township.

She and Hoekstra were arrested in February after an undercover officer posed as a client, was allowed into the home and made the arrest when he was offered sex for money, according to police.

"They've been doing it for a little while ... and had established a client list," said Lt. Carl Fuhs of the West Bloomfield Police Department.

Albanese, who went by the name Faith Lyn Summer on her Web site, had previously told the courtroom that money troubles after a bitter divorce drove her to sell sex over the Internet.

Both women pleaded guilty to the charges, but say they only did it to help support their children.

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