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Mother Accused In Deaths Reportedly Mentally Ill

Father Says Daughter Did Not Get Proper Care

POSTED: 2:04 p.m. EST November 24, 2002

The father of an Alliance woman charged in the deaths of her newborn twins said his daughter suffers from a mental illness and did not get the care she needed.

Felicia Jennings

Felicia Jennings (pictured, left) told officers last week that she put her sons' bodies in a trash bag and put them out with the garbage.

The 35-year-old woman faces two counts of reckless homicide.

Her father, Melvin Jennings, of Dover Plains, N.Y., said that if she had been properly medicated, this would not have occurred.

He also believes his daughter miscarried or gave the babies to someone else so the county wouldn't take them.

Their bodies have not been found.

Quay Compton, of the Stark County Department of Job and Family Services, said the agency followed proper procedures in dealing with Felicia Jennings.

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