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The Summer of Our Malcontents pt 2: The Little Sisterhood and The Big Lie

Gerald L. Rowles, Ph.D.
August 27, 2002

Not satisfied with having emasculated America's men and its institutions, the misandric malcontents are ready to issue world-class orders. Yessir, the repeatedly defeated ERA (Equal Rights Amendment) has been reincarnated in the form of a 900 pound gorilla called CEDAW (rhymes with HEE HAW).

Basically, CEDAW is a U.S. treaty with the world that calls for the International eradication of Mother's Day, Father's Day, parental rights, heterosexuality, and manhood in exchange for the legalization of prostitution and for one "choice" - abortion. That's it in a nutshell. (Sorry, just being colorful.)

By now it's old news that the ever spineless and politically opportunistic eunuchs of the U.S. Senate reinstated this atavistic dudgeon on their way out the door to spend the waning summer with their female constituents.

Hey, some guys still just bring flowers.

I'm laying 10-to-1 odds that when the Senate returns it will sign CEDAW into law. And then "W" will be faced with the choice of thumbs-up or thumbs-down in the midst of this "critical" mid-term struggle for control of the Senate.

Personally, I couldn't care less. Let's get this feminist control-of-the-world thing over. Who controls the Senate doesn't mean a hill-o'-beans to the males out here. The Democrat-Republican-Greenie-Independent-Libertarian party is fully merged when it comes to legislating the demise of manhood and fatherhood.

Feminihilism has ridden into America like a pestilence of Biblical proportions on the coattails of the Civil Rights movement, and it now aspires to ride the tails of the War on Terrorism to bring the world's men to their knees. Multicultural emasculation! Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead.

When the invasion of Iraq finally takes place, and our front-line soldiers have put it all on the line for Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness, the feminists will march in from the safety of the deep rear lines to liberate the Burqua-babes.

And finally the Big Lie will have won over the world. You know, like Roe v. Wade made abortion rare and safe; like a woman is the victim of male domestic violence every fifteen seconds (neva' mind that men fall victim to female DV every fourteen seconds); like all divorced dads are "deadbeats" who need to be reigned in by Federalistas to meet their obligations ('For the children'); and that a woman needs a man like a fish ...ya' know.

However, there were some headlines over this summer that the eunuchs would be well advised to scrutinize:

"Hey, fellas: Beware the fairer sex ain't always fair"
"Abortion Increases Risk of Mental Illness"
"Kids Want Divorce From Lesbian Mom"
"Deploying The Marines For Gays, Feminism And Peacekeeping"
"Fathers Bear the Brunt of Gender Bias in Family Courts"
"Gay & Lesbian Med Association Lists Homosexual Ailments"
"Studies show kids win when men get involved"
"Study links kids' slower learning to mothers' working"
"Controlling Domestic Violence Against Men"
"'Missing' boyfriend found dead in closet"
"Girlfriend charged in stabbing of Mississippi man"
"Miami woman sentenced to 50 years for setting daughter on fire"
"Mother of dead baby found at U-Mass pleads innocent"
"Married parents' scion get edge on cohabitors'"
"Father's rights trampled"

Let's get it over. Let the feminihilist sisterhood - all 150,000 of them - have their way with the world. And then let's see how the Big Lie goes over, over there.

If you thought the terrorist regimes had a beef with America before the IIth, wait 'til you see what's coming.

And American men will have to bail those sorry feminihilists' butts out of another jam. I mean, what might happen if they didn't?


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