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The Summer of Our Malcontents pt 1: Osama MEN Laden

Gerald L. Rowles, Ph.D.
August 26, 2002

My sixtieth summer will, for me, come to its official end on the IIth. It seems far more patriotic to align this seasonal marker with an event that bears a powerful relevance for contemporary America.

Labor day, for all its 100 plus years of recognition of the American worker, has become too much the reminder of how far we have slouched into the Marxist pit of socialism.

Hopefully, we will find that the first anniversary of the IIth brings us back to the valuation of manhood which was, at least on that day, rescued from the feminist miasma.

Sadly, this summer has seen a renascence of that miasma, with a vengence. As much as we might have hoped for a continuing celebration of heroism and masculinity during the red-white-and-blue months of summer, we were instead assaulted by a media circus of misandry, both direct and surreptitious.

These are just a few of the headlines of the summer:

"Father Steals Best: Crime in an American Family"
"Texas pastor charged in beating death of wife"
"The forces of Title IX have an unlikely new ally in their quest to destroy men's sports: ESPN"
"AMA puts doctors on lookout for bullying"
"Franklin principal defends the decision to ban tag at lunch recess"
"Judge gives gay dad ultimatum"
"Children Of Sperm Donors Win Court Victory"
"Young Father Comes of Age After Losing Abortion Battle"

From sullying the title of a pre-feminism sit-com "Father Knows Best" to the celebration of finding a DV pastor, the media insists on trumpeting male miscreants. And the war on boys continues unabated from the "sports" channel to the playground. Or how about that subtle oxymoron "gay dad", or the now institutionalized "sperm donor". And how exactly did the "young father" come of age - when his fiance' dumped him, and attempted to dump their baby.

(I won't even bother to go into the whole "pedophile Priest" fiasco - except to say that this is yet another oxymoron. These are predatory homosexuals who have infiltrated the priesthood for purposes of seducing vulnerable teens. But by labeling priests as "pedophiles" instead of homosexuals, the media lets the sodomy-lobby off the hook and indicts "men". These miscreants are not pedophiles, they are perverts who would commit sacrilege as great as that perpetrated in St Patrick's Cathedral by the twisted sex-tristers.)

The return to misandry is all too predictable. It has become the intractible denizen of the darkened soul of the culture. Last year, just two months after the WTC attack and the much heralded heroism of the Policemen and Firemen, the venerable U.S. Justice Department (there's a hoot) announced its "Toolkit for Domestic Violence". At that time, I wrote: War On Terror: Morphing Into The Crusade Against Male Oppression? And as sure as spring followed that December column, the inveterate, now-married, man-hater Gloria Steinem invoked the headline: "White Males to Blame for Terrorist Attacks" Boy, that girl has a way with sound bites. But, I wonder what goes through her husband's mind at times like that.

And what else happened this summer? Oh, not much:

"U.S. Agents Arrest Dozens of Fathers in Support Cases"

Oh, that. Well, not to put too fine a point on it, I predicted that one too. In "Fear And Trembling On The Daddy Track" I said:
For divorced dads there is no subtlety in the culture of the Divorce Industry. There is only the jackbooted intimidation of restraining orders, wage garnishment, support orders based on "putative earnings", unrestrained visitation sabotage, allegations of abuse or sexual molest presumed to be true when uttered by the ex, and the incessant threat of yet another violation of due-process by the "family court" system.

So it is when divorced dads hear that the conservative nominee John Ashcroft strict constitutional constructionist "co-sponsored that unconstitutional feminist lunacy, the 'Violence Against Women Act'. " Fear-and-trembling on the divorced daddy track is justifiably of Pythagorean proportions.
So you might imagine my surprise when I was called by an NPR (National Public Radio) producer asking whether I would like to appear on a show with Sherri Heller, commissioner of the federal Office of Child Support Enforcement and Irwin Garfinkel, author of Fathers Under Fire: The Revolution in Child Support Enforcement.

(Roger F. Gay advises that the latter Garfinkel is one of the, ahem, gentlepersons that created the child support system as we know it today.)

But appear I did, full of fear and trepidation that I might actually be setting myself up for later arrest. Who knows?

You can listen to the full show at "The Connection" if you have an hour to kill. But I will warn you that it is a schizophrenogenic (crazy-making) experience trying to sort out just what are the real policies of the DHHS enforcement arm for A.G. John Ashcroft.

For instance, when I presented the scenario of a father encountering a stealth divorce, having his children torn away, and then preposterously labeled "deadbeat" as a result of imputed wages, this was the answer:
Sherri Heller: "I think we're setting up a strawman here for the sake of being colorful."
Gerald Rowles: "No, (Ms Heller), The strawman is the 'deadbeat dad', that's the strawman."
Sherri Heller: "I think we agree on that ... "
Huh? I thought "strawman" meant "a person set up for use in a questionable transaction". It seems one person's reality is the other's fiction - depending on who's doing the labeling.

And so summer comes to an end, with the lines between male American heroes, divorced dads, and Osama Bin Laden having been reblurred by the perpetually malcontent feminihilist media and their elected / appointed representatives.

Osama MEN Laden ... has a ring to it, doesn't it Gloria?

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