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Authorities Arrest Lovesick Woman In Cruiseline Terrorism Threat

Woman Accused Of Writing Threatening Notes

POSTED: 12:30 p.m. HST April 28, 2003
UPDATED: 6:01 p.m. HST April 28, 2003

Royal Caribbean's Legend of the Seas berthed at Aloha Tower Monday night. One of its passengers, however, is sleeping at the federal detention center, after being charged with two felonies that could bring up to 10 years in prison.

An allegedly lovesick 20-year-old woman is being blamed for making a threat that diverted a cruise ship and cost taxpayers a lot of money.

Kelley Marie Ferguson, 20, from Laguna Hills, Calif. was apparently not happy to be on board the Legend of the Seas. Four days after leaving Mexico, prosecutors said she wrote two notes she hoped would force the ship to turn back.

"The defendant said she never wanted to go on this cruise ship with her family to begin with and that she wrote these notes hoping it would shorten her time on the cruise, allowing her to return to her boyfriend in Orange County, Calif.," Hawaii U.S. Attorney Ed Kubo said.

Instead, the ship was diverted from Hilo to moor off Oahu, where about 120 law enforcement officers and 15 bomb dogs boarded the ship, searching and interviewing hundreds of passengers.

Sources said Ferguson wrote a third note while the ship was headed to Kona to try and maker her out to be the target. Instead the note made her the target of the investigation.

"After causing all this fear, excitement and concern the defendant never showed any degree of regret or remorse for her actions," Kubo said.

The joint terrorism task force will treat the threat as seriously as if Ferguson intended to do harm because the threat alone caused major disruption.

"It certainly had no difference in the way it disrupted the normal business operations of this crew ship and caused a lot of stress and anxiety among crewmembers and passengers," FBI agent Dan Dzwilewski said.

At a hearing Monday afternnoon, Ferguson was declared indigent, and a public defender, paid for by taxpayers, was appointed for her.

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