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Murder suspect arrested in Texas

Mandy M. Goodnight / The Town Talk
Posted on April 24, 2003

Cindy Renee "Lost Bitch" Anderson: "Bodies in boxes" suspect arrested in Texas.
VILLE PLATTE - Authorities have arrested the woman accused of taking part in the slayings of two people whose dismembered bodies were found in boxes in Evangeline Parish.

Cindy Renee "Lost Bitch" Anderson of Morrow is being held on a warrant for two counts of first-degree murder. Investigators say she was proud of her nickname.

Anderson is the girlfriend of Larry "Lost Larry" Suratt. The two are accused of shooting and dismembering Lawrence William "Larry Larry" Cook, 40, and Sheila Kirby, 34, investigators said.

Anderson, who was indicted by an Evangeline Parish grand jury on Tuesday, has been arrested in Texas, Evangeline Parish sheriff's Chief Investigator Joe Demourelle said Wednesday.

The victims' bodies were found in plastic storage boxes floating in Bayou Cocodrie near the Evangeline and Rapides parish line. Cook's body was found Jan. 3, and Kirby's body was located a week later. Each victim's legs had been cut off.

Suratt was indicted in March in connection with the deaths of the Denison, Texas, area couple who had been living in Lawtell in St. Landry Parish. He pleaded innocent earlier this month to the charges.

Anderson is being held in Austin, Texas. Investigators said she was stopped in Texas on a traffic violation late Monday night.

Demourelle said he did not know if she would challenge extradition.

If she does not challenge it, then investigators would transport her back to Louisiana immediately.

However, if she does challenge extradition, then court proceedings will be held to have her brought to Evangeline Parish.

Demourelle said Wednesday that he could not discuss what linked Anderson to the case because it is an ongoing investigation.

However, he said he personally feels that the final suspect involved has been arrested.

Demourelle said detectives have known that Suratt did not act alone.

Investigators had speculated the motive for the crime involved an internal Banshee motorcycle club problem. Cook and Suratt were members of the Banshees.

Demourelle said there are several theories as to the motive, but none have been confirmed.

Investigators are working to determine where the slayings took place.

They do not believe the killings occurred in Evangeline Parish, although the bodies were dumped in the parish.

Suratt and Anderson were living together in Morrow in St. Landry Parish at the time of the slayings, investigators said.

Kirby and Cook had lived with the couple for two to three months before being asked to leave.

Investigators said Kirby and Cook apparently did not help maintain the home or contribute financially.

The couple moved to the Lawtell area where they were living prior to their deaths. The two were fugitives from Texas.

Two chainsaws have been sent to a south Louisiana crime lab, but both came back negative for blood, Demourelle said.

He said investigators are not 100 percent sure if a chainsaw was used to cut off the victims' legs.

Two guns have been submitted to the lab, but investigators have not gotten results if either one is the murder weapon.

Anderson reportedly had a gun with her when she was arrested in Texas. Demourelle said that gun also would be sent to a crime lab.

Anderson appears to have been moving around since leaving Morrow after Suratt's arrest.

Demourelle said she came to the Evangeline Parish Jail to visit Suratt every Tuesday.

He said she wore a jacket that indicated she was the "property of Lost Larry."

Last week, she missed visitation. Investigators thought she might be aware of their investigation into her so warrants were issued.

Evangeline Parish District Attorney C. Brent Coreil was out of the office Wednesday. It is unknown if he plans to seek the death penalty in the case.

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