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DA*DI is devoted to reinstating the societal valuation of Marriage and the traditional, nuclear American Family, with particular emphasis on the essential role of FATHERS.

DA*DI offers contemporary reports and commentary on culture; its aberrations and its heroes.

The Columbine Tragedy:
Littleton Colorado - Lessons Learned?

DA*DI Remembers

The Colorado Columbine:
New Meaning - Awaken!

Parents! The "ME Generation" ride ended in Littleton;
It's time for Moms and Dads to "BE THERE" - together.

Read the compelling article Columbine Will Happen Again written by Reuven Bar-Levav, M.D., the Michigan Psychiatrist who was shot by a psychotic patient.

  • Barbara Lerner: Narcissists with guns
  • Paul Harvey's comment on Colombine High shootings:
  • Thomas Sowell: Undermining Parental Authority
  • Kathleen Parker: National narcissism at Columbine
  • Kathleen Parker: When Vanity becomes Narcissism
  • Kathleen Parker: Political correctness has no shame
  • Kathleen Parker: Missing - spiritual, parental base - I
  • Kathleen Parker: Missing - spiritual, parental base - II
  • Kathleen Parker: Missing - spiritual, parental base - III
  • Cal Thomas: The "Virtue" empire: Say a little prayer ..
  • Cal Thomas: In their hunger for significance, teens turn
  • Cal Thomas: Clues for the Clueless
  • Linda Chavez: We created Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold
  • Larry Elder: The No. 1 reason for bad kids is bad parenting
  • Arianna Huffington: The Dangers Of The White House Mental Health Conference
  • Arianna Huffington: After Littleton: Luvox In The Bloodstream
  • Barret Kalellis: Lionizing "SELF" as the starting point of all values
  • Dr. Laura: Polluted waters of society are killing our fish fry
  • Dr. Laura: Stop blaming 'society' for parents' laziness
  • Ben Wattenberg: Show me a country of aggressive kids,
    and I will show you a country of passive parents.
  • John Rosemond: Needed: A Dose of Ex-Laxity
  • Don Wright: Home Alone - The Reality
  • Ollie North: Two Words - Be There!

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