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Two Lesbians Who Locked Boys in Closet Fear Death Threats

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(5/6/03 - Akron, OH) Two women accused of abusing five boys in the home they shared expressed fear in court Monday about death threats they have received.

Mary Rowles, 30, has been charged with five felony counts of child endangering. Alice Jenkins, 27, was charged with five felony counts of child endangering and two counts of felonious assault. Rowles and Jenkins were arrested Friday after Rowles' three boys, ages 8, 10 and 14, were found wandering city streets early April 28. Rowles and Jenkins posted bond Monday after appearing with their attorneys in Akron Municipal Court.

The three runaway boys, along with Rowles' other children, two other boys, ages 6 and 13, and a 12 year-old girl, have been removed from the home into foster care. Police said the three boys who ran away told a story of being forced to live inside a closet that reeked of urine, with the only light coming in at the bottom of the door.

The boys told detectives they were allowed out three times a day to eat and use the bathroom. They were not missing from any public or private school because they were home schooled.

The girl was well-fed and hadn't had to spend time in the closet, police said. Jenkins whom the children were ordered to call "Dad" disciplined the children, police said, while Rowles took a more passive role.

On Monday, Judge Eleanor-Marsh Stormer placed Rowles and Jenkins under a supervised pretrial release program because they were afraid to return to their home. The women said they have been receiving death threats. The case now goes to a Summit County grand jury. Rowles and Jenkins are due to appear before a Common Pleas magistrate May 14. Rowles' lawyer, Kirk Migdal, would not discuss the case Monday. Jenkins' lawyer, Don Malarcik, said his client "is devastated" by her arrest.

"Alice has no prior criminal record whatsoever," Malarcik said. He said Jenkins has cooperated with police and the Summit County Children Services Board.

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