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DA*DI is devoted to reinstating the societal valuation of Marriage and the traditional, nuclear American Family, with particular emphasis on the essential role of FATHERS.

DA*DI offers contemporary reports and commentary on culture; its aberrations and its heroes.

Learning About Homosexuality

 The Public Assault Upon Truth
Boston Globe Pimps For Pedophiles

Fistgate: What the Boston Globe Ignored
Newton MA Teach Outs Self to 1st Grade
Berkshire Eagle Censors News
Demonization of Christianity
Rome 'Gay' March Affront to Christians
Gore Rebukes Vatican
Berkshire Eagle Slams Scouts, Christians
 Targeting Children
"Look It Up!" 254 "Boy Words"
Recent Defenses of Pedophilia Corruption of the APA
Mirkin : Deconstructing Pedophilia Corruption of the APA
Creating "Gay" Children by Dr. Judith Reisman 347K pdf
Report: Pedophilia more common among 'gays' 4/29/02
Another Homosexual Scoutmaster

Homosexuals And The Young
Holocaust Survivor Molested By Homosexual Guards Children: Victims Of Parents' Choices
Pedophilia And Sex Education
Child Molestation & Homosexuality Higher pedophilia rates

 The Church & Homosexuality
How the Church Sees The Issue Of Homosexuality
Non-Discrimination Of Homosexual Persons
The Sin that Will Not Shut Up
The Gay Priest Problem   Fr. Paul Shaughnessy
Entangled on the Web James Hitchcock

Homosexual Assault on Marriage
Marginalization Of Women
Same-Sex Unions:The End of Marriage?  Gerard V. Bradley
Logic, Weed-eaters, Homosexuality and Contraception
        Janet E. Smith

Help for Same Sex Attraction Syndrome
Homosexuality And Hope  Statement Of The Catholic Medical Association
Real Love for Homosexuals      By David Morrison
Recovery, Change Is Possible  What The Experts Have To Say
Help For Homosexuals   Important Sources for info & help
An Answer for Andrew
The Battle for Normality, reviewed by Linda Ames Nicolosi
Apostolate to the Homosexual Ralph M. McInerny
The Dilemma of Homosexuality An Interview with Dr. Joseph Nicolosi
Authentic Freedom and the Homosexual Person Mark Lowery
The Neuroticism of Homosexuality Gerard van den Aardweg

The Homosexual Victimization Stratgy

Matthew Shepard  Important perspectives
Protected Status For Homosexuals
From Tolerance to Affirmation "The Safe Schools Scam"
The Pink Swastika

Homosexuals Change Public Opinion  
The Pro-"Gay" Agenda

 "Portray gays as victims, not as aggressive challengers. In any campaign to win over the public, gays must be cast as victims in need of protection so that straights will be inclined by reflex action to assume the role of protector ... Straight viewers must be able to identify with gays as victims. Mr. and Mrs. Public must be given no extra excuses to say 'they are not like us 'Our campaign should not demand direct support for homosexual practices, but should instead take anti - discrimination as its theme" (emphasis the authors) Homosexual activists Marshall Kirk and Erastes Pill, recommending political strategies designed to lead to, as they put it, "The Overhauling of Straight America" (Guide Magazine, November, 1987)
 Homosexuality & Genetics
Homosexuality & Genetics
The 10 Percent Lie  used to propagandize
Innate-Immutable Argument Finds No Basis in Science - NEW
Is There a "Gay Gene"?
The Importance of Twin Studies
Is There a Link Between Left-Handedness and Homosexuality?
The New Finger-Length Study on Lesbians
How Might Homosexuality Develop? Putting the Pieces Together
The Biological Research on Homosexuality
The Fading "Gay Gene"
Is Sexual Orientation Fixed at Birth?
Can Prenatal Hormone Exposure Influence Gender-Identity         Development? -- One Theory

 From Their Mouths

Content Analysis Of The Advocate


Lethal Lifestyle of Practicing Homosexuals

Short & Lethal Life-Span  Intrn'l Journal of Epidemiology
Monogamy For Homosexuals
Homosexual Lifestyle & Practices
The Advocate ("Gay" Magazine) Survey

 Governmental Collusion

"Gay" Rights: A Proclamation By Clinton
Rhode Island Liable for Lying About Homosexuality
VP Gore Backs Anti-Catholic 'Gay' March
Martyrs Slain by Pederast King

 Protecting Children & Marriage

Fighting Back
4 Single Issue Voting

Our Likely Future...

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