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Will we rebuke our demons, or embrace them?

by Linda Bowles

Many of us seek to extend ourselves into the future through our children. We hope that the essence of what we are lives through them, long after we have changed vital venues. It is a form of egotism.

Some politicians are like that. Clinton is like that; he worries about his legacy. After he has shuffled off his political coil, he hopes to live through his political progeny: the Democrat Party in general, and Hillary Rodham and Vice President Algore in particular. He understands that if the Democrats regain control of the Congress, and if Hillary and Algore are elected to high office, this would constitute an affirmation, that is to say, a validation, of himself.

But Democrats are beginning, in wholesale numbers, to regret their empowerment of the Clintons. Evidence that many of them are seeking redemption is revealed by the weakness of Hillary against a Mussolini mimic who made the subways in New York City run on time, and the weakness of Vice President Algore against a sleepwalking former basketball player.

These are positive signs, but they do not go far enough. If, for example, Bradley defeats Algore for the nomination, it would not hurt enough to be redemptive. Just shifting from one Democrat to another doesn't get it done. True repentance requires more pain than that. And if Mayor Giuliani defeats Hillary, liberals may view this as simply exchanging a Democrat liberal for a Republican liberal -- which would hurt somewhat but not enough to be redemptive.

We must, of course, be prepared to forgive; but first, those who petition for forgiveness must show evidence of their remorse by fully participating in a humiliating defeat of Hillary and Algore and a thorough ballot-box thrashing of the entire Democrat Party.

That might sound unduly stern, but it is not. It is deserved. Throughout the Clinton years, the Democrats have stood by their man, unified in their resolve, no matter what the cost, to put the interests of the Democrat Party above the interests of the nation. They stood as one to defend illegality, perversion and perjury. They are accountable. There is no way to separate the Democrat Party from the corruption of the Clintons.

Some elections don't mean much, but the next major election in America means a great deal. It is not an exaggeration to say we will be voting on our own character. While the result is not preordained, one senses a pressing need by a large majority of us to make a loud and convincing statement that our selection of the Clintons was an aberration, not truly reflective of what we are as a people or of what we aspire to become. We may have stepped in it, but we do not intend to track it into the future.

The case of Co-President Hillary Rodham is special, and how the public deals with her is of extraordinary importance. In addition to a long record of talking about public problems in education, health care and child care, but doing nothing of substance to solve them, Hillary "It takes a government" Clinton has a history of conning the American people.

It was shameless charlatanry, a flagrant con, when she allowed herself to be transformed from what she is, an angry and arrogant, hard-core, left-wing warrior-woman, with a face of chiseled grit and a burning passion to become the Great Emasculator, into what she is not, a soft and frilly Mother Hubbard parody, a frumpy housewife with a cookie cutter, gazing up at her husband with a look of dopey adoration.

And when Hillary Rodham put on the Yankee cap and proclaimed herself a lifelong fan, it was a con. It was not important per se, but it was deeply important as evidence that she believes the people of New York State are too dumb and gullible to know she is taking them for fools.

Those who admire and idolize Hillary Rodham, particularly the feminists, have unveiled their hypocrisy. Hillary is the opposite of what an emotionally and mentally healthy woman aspires to be. She is the classic, self-absorbed female martyr who has organized her life around her husband's affliction, and basks in the adulation of those who admire her ability to absorb humiliation without flinching.

A strong woman would not put up with an adulterous, philandering husband. An honest woman would not pretend she didn't know anything about his abuse and misuse of other women. And an independent woman would not shamelessly ride her husband's coattails. The Clintons have brought us face to face with the worst that is within us, exposing the deep flaws we all have and with which we struggle. The question remains what it has always been: Will we rebuke our demons, or embrace them?


Linda Bowles' 'take no prisoners' attitude has made her one of the few conservative women columnists in America with a large readership. She formerly managed Bowles Associates consulting firm, and has written speeches and been a researcher.

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