Dads Against the Divorce Industry

DA*DI is devoted to reinstating the societal valuation of Marriage and the traditional, nuclear American Family, with particular emphasis on the essential role of FATHERS.

DA*DI offers contemporary reports and commentary on culture; its aberrations and its heroes.

Kathleen Parker: Making Sense of Things

Classic Parker from DA*DI's Archives

  • I Have My Father's Hands

  • Wage Gappers are Communists!: Kathleen Parker

  • Encouraging marriage makes political sense: Kathleen Parker

  • Connect the Day Care Dots -
        Illegitimacy is the bully's pulpit: Kathleen Parker

  • Women should be mad; but not at men
  • Children Want Dads
  • Don't Throw the Book At All Deadbeat Dads
  • Deadbeat dads more myth than reality
  • A Call to Dismantle The Divorce Industry
  • Making rape out of wine: Oklahoma uncorks a bad law
  • Everyone wants his or her children to be safe,
        but the question for parents is safe from whom?
  • Parents, students bend school rules
  • In school, teacher knows best
  • Protests from good dads deserve a hearing!
  • When did fathers become fair game?
  • "Happy marriage" - from the Dictionary of Oxymorons
  • Only Parents can fix Broken families
  • "Domestic violence isn't about gender; it's about violence."
  • Is the whole country guzzling LSD punch?
  • Anti-male stereotypes in the media
  • Study denouncing fathers sends danger signals
  • A father's best gift? His presence
  • Fathers do count, except with NOW
  • Faludi's "Stiffed" is no man's land.
  • The great blurring of need and want
  • The deadbeat dad is less a scoundrel than an object of pity
  • Back toward personal responsibility,
        accountability and consequences
  • Divorced dads ready to wage a revolution
  • Will it take a Boston Tea Party for Divorced Dads to be Heard?
  • A slap in the face of domestic violence
  • National narcissism at Columbine
  • When Vanity becomes Narcissism
  • Political correctness has no shame
  • Missing - spiritual, parental base - I
  • Missing - spiritual, parental base - II
  • Missing - spiritual, parental base - III
  • Calling for a cease-fire in the gender war
  • Of Course Women are Batterers Too
  • We owe children an apology
  • Get this, folks: Boys need our attention
  • Debunking yet another day-care study
  • We all lose when boys, girls wrestle

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