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BUT! Did Kobe Use Protection?

Gerald L. Rowles, Ph.D.
July 23, 2003

So far, to my astonishment, none of the stories and commentary covering the basketball star and the country gal have honed in on the critical question; Did Kobe Bryant use a condom? I mean, given the sex-ed and sexual permissiveness saturating our culture, 'our children are more capable of putting on a condom than they are able to do math or explain why the Constitution is important.'

Sexual abstinence, as a moral imperative and pregnancy preventative is considered, like, sooo fifty years ago in the do-your-own-thing blissful amorality and hedonism of the enlightened. BUT, wearing a condom is the sine-qua-non of the sexually 'responsible'. Sodomy is a wonderful alternative to stodgy heteroism, but 'barebacking' is a no-no.

And what is all this talk about adultery, like, that is sooo monogamous. I mean, we live so much longer now, how can anybody be expected to be trapped in a suffocating cocoon with the same person, like ohmygod, for decades?

What has happened to the avant-garde media? Have they been drinking Victorian Lemonaid, or what? They just seem so pursed and puckered about a little sexual recreation. I mean, ohmygod, they can't be like, like, racist, can they? Aren't we past the black-guy-white-girl thing?

Ohmygod, I forgot. She cried, Rape! Well that's different; he's a bovine, testosterone-saturated, roundball-jock with too much money and, and, he's a liar.

Well, so much for the rhetorical.

Kobe Bryant admitted to adultery. He, God, and his wife have a lot to work out. And his team ought to consider letting him sit out the season until the people that pay him extravagant sums of money, his fans, get the bad taste out of their mouths.

Rape? I doubt it, seriously. Any number of rational research outcomes on rape investigations are coming to a mutual conclusion that 40% to 50% involve false allegations:

"False accusations of rape are by no means unusual. In some cases, they are the rule. Eugene Kanin of the Department of Sociology and Anthropology at Purdue did a study of a small metropolitan community. The study covered rape allegations over a 9-year period. Dr. Kanin found that 'False rape allegations constituted 41 percent of the total forcible rapes reported during [that] period.'

A Harvard law professor reports that the woman in charge of prosecuting sexual-assault crimes in New York reported that out of approximately 4,000 rape allegations in Manhattan each year, about one-half of them just didn't happen. Another study states that 50 percent of all rape allegations lodged on college campuses in the United States are false." Source: Neal Boortz

If you've been closely following the alleged 'sex-scandal' at the Air Force Academy it's hard to find any scandal other than the lack of merit in the whole overblown miasma. Fact is, only one real scandal is palpable, and that involves a male cadet who is being railroaded for life.

And then there's this intriguing tidbit that was hidden away in the junk heap of politically incorrect facts: according to the Pentagon website and a report presentation prepared by Maj Nate Galbreath, Capt Celene Fyffe, and Maj Jay Stone: "Common Themes in Military Sex Assaults (Involve): Alcohol use/Abuse, Acquaintance or Co-worker, Consent is muddy issue, Clothing removal typically not forcible, “I didn’t want to..but didn’t say anything,” “She didn’t say ‘no’,” “She said ‘no’ but I thought she was kidding…,” “Victims” may have other agendas Boyfriend breakup - sympathy ploy, Attention-seeking behavior, Revenge.

O.K. you say, but Kobe Bryant isn't matriculating at the Air Force Academy, he's dribbling on the roundball court. BUT, in all the affluvia and hyperbole surrounding Kobe's alleged victim, did you catch this?
The Orange County Register reported Sunday that the alleged 19-year-old victim became distraught after learning that her high school sweetheart was dating another woman and a close friend was killed in an truck accident.

"A physically healthy 19-year-old who overdoses either is irrational - she has lost touch with reality - or if it is a cry for help, it is an absolute stunning cry for attention," (Attorney Larry) Pozner said.

The actions of the woman when confronted with stressful situations indicates she reacts in unusual ways, Pozner said.

"If it was a fake suicide attempt, it is the ultimate attention-getting device," the lawyer said. "If it wasn't an attention-getting disturbed is she? It's a sign of irrational behavior and a break with reality. That is admissible when you ask a jury to believe this woman's testimony beyond a reasonable doubt."
Well that testimony may not make it to court because the accuser's attorney may succeed in barring the admission of her history. "I will tell you one thing - victims are really protected by the courts, almost over-protected." That, according to Defense lawyer Bob Ransome.

So what about this scenario. The alleged victim is distraught by the boyfriend's dating behavior. She begins acting out in various ways, including suicide gestures. Then she stumbles on the opportunity to avenge her anguish. Only later, she is overcome with second thoughts about becoming pregnant, having sex with a black man, having her pristine image clouded before friends and family. There is only one escape, cry rape.

No, I'm not going to vote guilty. I'm not going to sentence a guy who committed adultery to 20 years to life. BUT, if she's lying, and it's highly likely that she is, she should do some time.

And you know what. All those people who are jumping on the "lynch Kobe" bandwagon need to figure out whether they hate Kobe, or the recent Supreme Court ruling that will and has created a backlash against blacks. Shrinks call it displacement. As for the feministas ... oh, never mind.

So shoot me.

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