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Police: Woman Has Hair Done After Killing Husband

Wed Nov 12, 8:27 AM ET

CHICAGO (Reuters) - A woman poisoned her husband and put his body in the garage while she went about getting her hair done and handing out Halloween candy, police alleged on Tuesday

Barbara Garcia, 51, a retired nurse in Hobart, Indiana, about 30 miles east of Chicago, has been charged with murdering her husband, Cipriano.

Police say she laced his soup with insulin on Oct. 30, then repeatedly injected him with the substance while he slept until he died.

While his body sat in the couple's garage, Garcia had her hair done and passed out Halloween candy the following day, police said. She dumped his body in a forest, but it was discovered a week ago and she was charged with his murder on Monday.

Hobart Police spokesman Rick Zormier said it appeared Barbara Garcia had gambling losses and had misappropriated some of her husband's assets and did not want him to find out.

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Dads Against the Divorce Industry Dads Against the Divorce Industry