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Moral Man; Hijcked by the Culture Vultures

  by J. Bradley Keena

Recently, President Clinton challenged movie theater operators to uphold the ratings system and bar underage moviegoers from R-rated movies. And for good reason: included among the top-grossing films this year are the usual offerings that feature irresponsible sexual license, foul language, and pointless, graphic violence.

Of course, none of this is new. Hollywood has claimed for itself the privilege of authenticating among our youth a new definition of right and wrong, regardless of what is real.

That’s exactly what is happening on a larger scale in our culture today. The cultural Establishment has claimed for itself the privilege of authenticating right and wrong, regardless of what is real. Last month's debate in Congress over whether to allow state's to display the Ten Commandments is an excellent example. One hundred-eighty Congressmen voted against the measure. Forty years ago, few would have quarreled with anyone who wished to publicly display the Decalogue. Since that time, however, the cultural Elite has changed the perception of what is acceptable and what is not.

Through the courts, with help of government, and aided by Hollywood and the establishment media, cultural engineers have orchestrated a successful campaign to change society’s definition of what is good and what is not. On the surface, everyone is free to do what they want provided it doesn’t hurt anyone. But there’s a catch: the cultural rule-makers who have claimed for themselves the privilege of authenticating what "hurts" and what "offends." To escape public disapproval and avoid being ostracized one, is required to become Politically Correct.

Today the religious man faces a dilemma: he knows from his heart, his conscience, and his intellect that the Ten Commandments are true. But beyond his own thinking and perhaps the community of like-minded company he keeps, he finds no authentication of this truth in the larger society. The popular culture does not permit him to hold to a presupposition of truth such as the Ten Commandments. Instead the popular culture insists on freeing him from eternal truth by authenticating previously forbidden acts. Today’s Politically Correct society insists that he replace his faith in God with a faith in the ideology of the cultural Elite. While murder, blasphemy, adultery, stealing and lying is forbidden according to the doctrines of his faith in God, all are at various times permitted according to the new faith the cultural elite demands from him.

The religious man, then, is all wrong in today’s culture. He believes the Ten Commandments because the Scriptures tell him to. What of the cultural elitists? They do not like the idea of his faith or his religion because his faith is in God and not in them and his religion is about precepts outside their authentication process. To continue, they must be sovereign. To increase, they must control the process of authenticating what is right and wrong.

Yet in banishing the religious man’s faith from society, the cultural elitists have also banished society’s understanding of the true meaning of existence. America began and thrived on the common purpose of faith and service to God. For much of our history, society was united in its identification of human existence under the sovereign creator. In this way, American society had purpose and meaning. Other nations marveled.

Today, under the sovereignty of the cultural Elite, human existence has no purpose aside from self-fulfillment. But self-fulfillment is an empty goal. Creatures are neither self-created nor self-sustaining. The concept of self-fulfillment is an oxymoron. Therefore, by surrendering to the cultural Elite the privilege of authenticating what is right and wrong, society has also surrendered its purpose and meaning

How have America’s many allowed its culture to become hijacked by society’s few? Has America’s pursuit of freedom over the years undermined its responsibility to God?

It will be perhaps only by the grace of God that we as a people recognize that only under His truth can human existence have true meaning.

-- CD

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