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August 6, 2003

Nampa Police Make Park Arrests - Homosexual Indecency

NAMPA - KBCI 2 Boise, Idaho

Nampa Police Department officers arrested eight (8) people in two days at Lakeview Park. The men were all arrested on Indecent Exposure and Obscene Conduct in Public charges.

Acting on complaints from park users and parks personnel, police set up specific patrols at the park on Wednesday, July 23, and Friday, August 1. The suspects were arrested after they engaged in indecent activity inside restrooms at the park.

"We're working to make Nampa's parks as safe as possible," says Sgt. Tim Randall. "We want people to understand this problem is not unique to Nampa. Cities across the country experience the same problems.There appears to be underground information networks for people who want to be involved in these types of activities-- meeting at public bathrooms in public parks."

The Nampa Police Department is working with parks personnel and other cities to find ways through enforcement and environmental design to prevent further problems.

Sgt. Randall says: "Our parks are a safe place to be, but everyone should always follow common sense safety practices.Kids should never go into a public bathroom anywhere unless accompanied by an adult. Be aware of any suspicious people loitering around public bathrooms, and if you see anything suspicious, report it immediately to parks personnel or the police."

Names of those arrested:* Gene W. Dillon, 72, Indecent Exposure * Kenneth G. Wilson, 39, Nampa, Obscene Conduct in Public; Lewd Solicitation * Sean M. Rogers, 25, Nampa, Obscene Conduct in Public * James Keller Schmittel, 46, Nampa, Obscene Conduct in Public * Robert K. White, 42, Boise, Obscene Conduct in Public * James Davis Fultz, 61, Wilder, Obscene Conduct in Public * Everett I. Grimes, 63, Nampa, Obscene Conduct in Public * Elvin Leroy LeFavour, 62, Nampa, Obscene Conduct in Public

All suspects will be arraigned in Nampa Court on August 7, and August 28, at 9 a.m.

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