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'Shocked into Impotence'?

Gerald L. Rowles, Ph.D.
January 27, 2003

Speaking before the UN Security Council, in advocacy of the U.S. 'pre-emptive', defensive response in Iraq, Secretary of State Colin Powell admonished its members thusly; "We cannot be shocked into impotence because we're afraid of the difficult choices ahead of us."

But what of the other U.S. war front; the culture wars? Are we 'shocked into impotence? Consider the evidence.

A January 19th article in Newsweek on John Lee Malvo, A.K.A. the "sniper," laid out a stunning indictment of the carnage caused by fatherlessness and mother sabotage of relationships with father figures. Malvo's mum reportedly was "afraid that he would no longer see her as his mother if he got too close to anyone." But in the end, it was his relationship with John Muhammad on which the blame was laid. It was a stunning and convoluted spin which acquitted 'bad mom' in order to indict 'bad dad'.

Even more to the point, there was a widely distributed set of reports on the entirely credible Swedish study, which found that children who grow up in single parent homes are at greater risk for suicide, mental illness, and drug abuse. The highly respected medical journal Lancet (big file) was the original publisher of the report. What was impressive about this study was that it was a longitudinal examination of "65,000 such children for nine years." Such comprehensive, long term efforts are rarely found in the literature of the social sciences.

Despite all that, one female radio newsbabe who announced the story dismissed it as merely another take in the "controversy over single parenthood." Murphy Brown potently thrives.

Then there was the shocking report, by no less than the online Rolling Stone Magazine about "Bug Chasers." With the provocative sub-title "The men who long to be HIV+," the RS story outed a substantial portion of the homosexual movement with the revelation that nearly 25% of new HIV infections are willingly transmitted between bug chasers and gift givers. The story closes with this quote from one of the so-called gift-givers: "If I know that he's negative and I'm f**king him, it sort of gets me off. I'm murdering him in a sense, killing him slowly, and that's sort of, as sick as it sounds, exciting to me."

On a less exciting front, the AP reported "A Christian activist chosen by the Bush administration for an AIDS advisory panel withdrew his name under pressure Thursday after criticism of his characterization of the disease as the "gay plague." Bush's press secretary, Ari Fleischer, impotently "issued a stern rebuke of Thacker's remarks."

Meanwhile, this Christian President who has welcomed Log Cabin (homosexual) Republicans to the fold, refuses to meet with American Family Association, a Christian group who claims " (Bush has a) " 'blind spot' when it comes to the homosexual movement." Or is it impotence?

How about this for a surprise? USA Today reveals (Gasp!) that "The American troops likeliest to fight and die in a war against Iraq are disproportionately white, not black, military statistics show -- contradicting a belief widely held since the early days of the Vietnam War." Well, here's a news flash for USA Today - those same 'troops' are disproportionately male, and heterosexual at that.

Meanwhile, over at CNS, a conservative news service, there is an ongoing debate about the (Clintonized) armed forces' "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy, which "conflicts with a law passed by Congress in 1993 that states there is no constitutional right to serve in the armed forces."

Apparently, the Bush administration has received and is considering a report sponsored by Human (homosexual) Rights Watch that "the policy violates the rights of homosexual service members and deprives the military of skilled personnel." Well, there you have it. The armed services is homophobic if it doesn't allow homosexuals to 'out' themselves in the enlisted men's showers. Let's see, what then will the next story of disproportionality be?

But here's the real concluding clinker in the USA Today tale of disproportions: "The reasons for the racial divide are unclear, but several theories have emerged, including lingering racism in some quarters of the military ..." Ergo, in yet another veiled condemnation of that masculine enclave who will be covering our asses in Iraq and elsewhere, we learn they are just a bunch of white (male, and likely homophobic) racists.

What about the news item which reported that, in the expert opinion of Hollywood visionary, Ed Harris said of "W", he "failed to meet the criteria for the 'definition of a man' because of his failure to support abortion rights." Hmmmm. Wasn't Ed Harris the actor, who in the movie The Rock, convincingly portrayed Brig. Gen. Francis X. Hummel? Remember, Hummel was the dreaded military (there it is again) guy who occupied the island of Alcatraz and threatened to lob chemical warheads against nearby San Francisco? How's that for pro-choice and manhood?

We probably needn't be distracted by considering news reports of the European Union (EU) edict that cracks down on the height of kids playground swings, eh? Hey, the U.S. government schools are more appropriately concerning themselves with real dangers like dodgeball and sex education - vital to an informed and well-rounded future military.

This compendium would, however, be incomplete without mention of Clara Harris. Who's she? She's the former wife of David Harris who, after tracking him down at a hotel where he was engaging in an adulterous rendezvous, jumped in her Mercedes and, according to a witness, "she did 'three doughnuts' over her husband, ran over him again and then backed up over him." Sitting in the passenger seat next to Mrs. Harris was her stepdaughter, screaming "Stop! Stop! You're killing my daddy!"

Another witness, Julie Creger said that after running him down with her Mercedes-Benz. , Mrs. Harris got out of the car and exclaimed; " 'David, look what you made me do!' "

It gets worse. According to The Houston Chronicle Clara Harris has been supported in court by her dead husband's parents: "We are a close, loving, Christian family," Gerald Harris said while standing next to his teary-eyed daughter-in-law. "Our ultimate hope in all of this is that this family will remain together as a strong family and that our grandchildren will have their parents. We love Clara and want you to know that we want her to be with her children."

This report prompted Rush Limbaugh to comment:
My friends, it's stories like the one I came across in Thursday's Houston Chronicle that make me think I'm actually losing touch.

Picture this. Man and wife. Man's having an affair. Wife catches him. Wife runs him down with a car, backing over him a bunch of times. The dead guy's parents then escort wife into court and publicly profess their support for their daughter-in-law.

Do you think this is normal? The parents of the dead guy escort the woman accused of killing their son into court? Uh, am I missing something here? It just boggles the mind, folks. - Rush Limbaugh, 1/24/03
Boggles the mind? Nah, while we may remain unintimidated by foreign terrorists, we have been 'shocked into impotence' by our domestic ones.

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