Fathers Versus Homosexuality

The Homosexual Lobby is not a friend of Fatherhood nor of Family:

Father absence in families has created a vacuum, in which some besides the federal government see an opportunity to flourish.

And the militant gay "community" is the most pernicious of these opportunists.

In the absence of a father, gay male pedophiles are all too willing to provide an alternate "role model" - and to exploit fatherless boys who are particularly vulnerable to male attention.

And the government schools are willing abettors.

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  • Second Homosexual Propaganda Video Targets Public Schools
  • "That's A Family": Pro-homosexual video targets elementary and middle schools

    Homosexuality, contrary to the media spin, is little more than an immoral and life-threatening lifestyle choice. It has not been shown to be genetically determined, nor is it suffering from being denied civil rights - any more than an imprisoned sociopath is being denied their rights.

    Homosexuality is a self-absorbed prison of its own hubris and serial sexual hedonism.

    As homosexuality increasingly proselytizes and insinuates itself into a passive mainstream society, it is daily becoming a more aggressively antisocial pathology. As sexual purveyors of illness and shortened lifespans, who recruit an ever younger group of sodomy partners, it epitomizes that which defines sociopathy: "harmful to the welfare of the people generally".

    We believe that one of the most powerful arguments for marriage and fatherhood today can be made from the perspective of protecting our sons and our daughters from the sodomy lobby.

    Condemnation of homosexuality is neither hatred nor irrationality - it is a rational rejection of the unnatural in accordance with the laws of G-d and nature.

    What IS irrational is that a society of heterosexuals is willing to overlook and/or deny its natural revulsion to sexual acts which involve oral - anal same-sex copulation as a means of self-gratification. Yet that same society becomes apoplectic over an outbreak of E. coli (fecal contamination) bacteria in their hamburgers.

    As Linda Bowles, nationally syndicated columnist put it: "A large number of Americans, including the elected politicians who write laws and set policies, have been conned into believing that homosexuals are born that way and that what they do to and with each other is as American as motherhood and apple pie.

    It is one thing for the ordinary American to embrace deviancy, having been deluded by lies, myths, propaganda and junk science: it is another thing for elected officials to spearhead a vicious, open assault on American society and some of its most cherished institutions based on such delusions."

    On this page are dozens of articles which should help to convince you that Fathers must defy the intimidation of the "homophobic" label and become mobilized and militant to turn back this blatant assault on our children.


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  • Queer Theory: Does it Mean Anything For Your Child?
          Michael Phillip Wright Informs Us ...

  • New Lows from ABC's 20/20 in Gay Movement Pandering
  • Washington Times:
          Gay Tolerance: We're gonna get her (Dr. Laura) off (the air)

    I find it remarkable that militant homosexuals seek the right to marriage as a lifestyle validation, while heterosexuals herald divorce as personal validation.
    Is it that homosexuals are looking beyond marriage to the widely practiced heterosexual rites of divorce; to inflict retribution on an unsatisfactory sex-partner, and deny them contact with the (adopted) child(ren)?
    - Gerald L. Rowles, Ph.D.

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          receive affirmation."??

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  • Snotty Little Gay Spreads Liberal Hate Germs
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  • Dr. Laura: Homosexual activists preventing help to confused teens
  • London Times: Schools video tells children to try gay sex ...
  • And the NEA is Close Behind: (The NEA) "encourages its
         affiliates to develop and implement training programs on
         these matters."

  • Washington Times: Boulder, Colorado Votes to Protect

  • Marianne M. Jennings: The (Gay) Demise of Marriage
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  • "American Beauty": The Anti-Family Arrogance of the Velvet Mafia


  • Dr. Wade Horn: Lunacy 101 -
          APA Questions The Need For Fathers!       "... our data on gay fathering couples
           have convinced us that neither a mother nor a father is essential."

  • DA*DI provides the full APA article for your review
  • Maggie Gallagher: Shrinking the Father
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  • Michelle Malkin: Reading 'Riting, and Raunchiness?
  • Joseph Sobran: Experts: Falsifying the Past
  • Marianne M. Jennings: In defense of Boy Scouts and judgement

          Mary Mostert
  • "It’s Elementary"?? Death is the Real Face of Practicing Homosexuality

          Dr. Laura:
  • Lifting the Veil on Politics vs Science
  • Why celebrate homosexuality?
  • "It's Elementary": Promoting Homosexuality to Kids
  • Parents should look upon the pedophile as ...
          someone to be welcomed into their home?

          Linda Bowles:
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  • - Expanding the Purple Umbrella
  • - Expanding the Purple Umbrella, Part II

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  • James Pinkerton: "the homosexualizing of heterosexuality" (Brilliant)
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  • Beam me up Scotty, I'm being oppressed by the NOW Conference

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