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Kids Don't Need No Stinking Father!

Gerald L. Rowles, Ph.D.
August 21, 2001

If you haven't had your Father feathers ruffled in a while, this little breeze should make them stand on end.

The article Moms Are Enough appeared in the L.A. Times August 19th. Written by Peggy F. Drexler, "a psychologist and scholar affiliated with the Institute for Research on Women and Gender at Stanford University", this piece isn't just talking about your garden variety mom, but Lesbian "Mom's" - one of which plays the daddy role. And Ms. Drexler doesn't much care for men or dads:
"Without Ward Cleaver coming home from work at 5 p.m., how will sons know how to be men?

One new family form that, as a psychologist, I have come to know well tells us something different. In my study of lesbian couples, sons--and daughters--are thriving. These women-led families have much to teach us about family love, the adaptability of kids and the power of women to raise psychologically healthy sons and daughters entirely on their own. Thanks to the technological revolution of anonymous-donor insemination, the identity of a founding father may not even be part of the basic proposition of a two-mother family. Even so, sons of lesbians may be more assured of their masculinity than Beaver Cleaver's grandson down the block."
Professor Drexler, are you a lesbian? And does that suggest that perhaps you are pursuing a personal ideology rather than a scientific heuristic, as yet unproven?

There are many claims posed by Drexler in this piece that might send a few contemporary parents out looking for a lesbian couple to adopt their children in order to give them a "better life." But hold up just a minute there folks, there's something fragrant coming from this article, and it ain't roses.

Drexler slips this in: "In my sampling of the more than 1 million lesbian couples who are mothers to sons, I found these women working to honor and encourage their sons' masculinity." Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce you to Junk Science 101. In nearly twenty years of designing, reading and reviewing social science research, I have never, ever seen a "sample" of one million anything. Nor can I imagine a social science department with the funding and staffing to address such an enormous undertaking. Think U.S. Census - that's the closest thing I can imagine.

We've been told that homosexuality is genetically determined; competent, unbiased research has exploded that myth. Now comes the Drexler report. Let's crunch some numbers. At present, it is generously estimated that male homosexuals make up 2.8% of the population, with lesbianism showing up at half that rate (1.4%) or 1.47 million lesbians. About 210 million Americans are adults, and about 65 million are children under age 18. Are you quizzical about the notion that Drexler reached out and touched 2 million (that's one million "couples") lesbians. published a piece on July 19th, "Homosexual Parenting Studies Are Flawed, Report Says" examining the Drexler topic. This Fox report pointed to some of the wildly wide-ranging claims made about the homosexual population.

"The numbers vary, but estimates of the number of gay parents in America is somewhere between 800,000 and 7 million, and the number of dependent children raised by homosexual parents is between 1 million and 9 million."
IF, as Drexler asserts, 2 million lesbians are raising boys and the child population is about 65 million, then we're talking about roughly 32 million potential male-child candidates, or a range of .5 million to 4.5 million, or a minimum of 1 million based on Drexler's claim. The range then is 3% to 14% of the entire male child population being raised by lesbian couples, or 1 to 5 boys per lesbian brood.

Given the popular furor over the population of children who are the victims of abuse, which is just about 6 tenths of one percent (.6%), don't you think someone would have noticed in a very public way that 3% to 14% were being raised (not abused) by lesbian couples. (Some folks do think that homosexual adoption is child abuse.)

I'm thinking of a word for Professor Drexler's sampling claims, Confabulate: "to fill gaps in the memory with detailed accounts of fictitious events believed to be true by the narrator."

As for the claim that boys and girls are flourishing in these millions of lesbian "families," the Fox report also had this to say:
  • "A significantly greater proportion of young adult children raised by lesbian mothers than those raised by heterosexual mothers say they have experienced sexual intimacy with a partner of the same sex.
  • Young girls raised by lesbians are more likely to be sexually adventurous and active than their counterparts raised by heterosexual parents. However the sons of lesbians exhibit 'an opposite pattern' and are likely to be less adventurous and active than boys raised by heterosexual households.
  • Lesbian mothers reported that their children behave in ways that do not conform to 'sex-typed cultural norms.' And the sons of lesbians are reportedly less likely to behave in traditionally masculine ways than those raised by heterosexual couples."

    Yes indeed, Professor Drexler, I believe you are confabulating, instead of tabulating.

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