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Despite Attack, Pastor Will Keep Speaking Out Against Homosexuality

By Jim Brown
September 17, 2003

(AgapePress) - Although a member of his congregation was brutally beaten recently by four homosexual men outside his church, an Ohio pastor says he won't be deterred from preaching against the sin of homosexuality.

Last month a volunteer at Church on the Rise in Westlake, Ohio, was violently assaulted as he was taking out the garbage. He received 17 body blows and suffered cuts and bruises to his face, arms, hands and ribs.

The church's senior pastor, Paul Endrei, says the homosexual attackers were upset with a sermon he preached entitled "It's Time to Draw the Line." In that message, Endrei stated that the Episcopal Church's first openly homosexual bishop teaches a false gospel.

The four attackers apparently came looking for Endrei, but instead met volunteer Rich Bilski as he was putting out the trash in back of the church. After asking Bilski where the pastor was and when he would arrive, the four men assaulted the church worker, one of them reportedly hitting him in the face with the frame of a tennis racquet. As they ran away, one of the attackers shouted, “That’s for Pastor Paul.”

Endrei feels other pastors need to know that if they preach against the homosexual lifestyle in America, there will be a backlash. He says "tolerance" to the homosexual community is a one-way street.

"As long as you agree with them, they're very happy to befriend you. But when you go against their agenda, you find that there is a very strong and violent force that is behind it," he says.

But the senior pastor says the threat of violence should not stop the Church from standing up for biblical truth. "We are going to continue to preach what we know is God's Word despite the attack," he says.

According to Endrei, the volunteer who was beaten has also encouraged him to continue speaking out against homosexuality. He says Bilski told him "Pastor, don't stop," and has continued to be very supportive of the minister and the message that he preached.

"I'm just saddened that he had to be the one that was attacked and got caught kind of in the middle of all this," Endrei adds.

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