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Just like "Sopranos."

January 29, 2003 -- The two brothers who whacked their mom "Sopranos"-style grew up abused by the "crazy" woman, neighbors said yesterday.

Jason Bautista, 20, and half-brother Matthew Montejo, 15, were charged in Riverside, Calif., yesterday with first-degree murder after their 41-year-old mom was found strangled - with her head and hands chopped off.

Bautista later allegedly confessed to cops that the pair had killed mom Jane Bautista on Jan. 14 and mutilated her body to hide her identity, inspired by a grisly episode of HBO's "Sopranos."

Neighbors painted a grim portrait of the victim yesterday, saying she was "crazy," rage-filled and abusive toward the boys, forcing them to live as transients and help support her.

Rosemary Webb, who used to live next-door to the family, said Jane Bautista would often shout obscenities at the boys - who were only 10 and 5 at the time.

Webb said she saw Jason several times sitting alone on curb, weeping.

"I remember [Jane Bautista] would leave for the evening dressed in a very short, black leather miniskirt and fishnet stockings," Webb said. "She would leave her two young sons home while she went out.

"She was also quite abusive to [Jason]."

"She was quite crazy. She would call [cops] on a regular basis to come get the ‘Mexicans living on her roof.' "

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