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"Letters From A Killer"

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Gentlemen and Heroes:
Hung Out To Dry

Gerald L. Rowles, Ph.D.
November 26, 2001

Did you hear the one about the man who had 21 penises? As grandmother used to say, "tain't funny, McGee."

The work, titled "Hung Out to Dry," features colorful ceramic penises hanging from knitted cozies clothes-pinned to a cord strung between a wall and a column. One end of the cord is tied as a noose.
Boulder Daily Camera
Robert Rowan, 49, an upstanding family man with a 5-year-old daughter joined the ranks of America's male heroes some 60 days after the September 11th infamy. His heroism was not that of a firefighter risking life and limb to rescue people in a burning building, or a police officer pursuing armed assailants. Mr Rowan was simply doing his job - Father and gentleman. With a strong sense of paternal honor and moral decency, he placed himself at risk of public censure and imprisonment by ridding a public building of an obscene display that no child should encounter - a clothesline adorned with 21 disembodied male organs.

Obnoxiously provocative clotheslines are a common feature of the ubiquitous "Violence Against Women" workshops held throughout the country. Though they are usually hung with T-shirts garnished with simulated children's bloody handprints and other symbols of the carnage of male oppression of women and children. Featured speakers at these workshops have become icons of the junk science and anecdotal mythology that is the stuff of the Violence Against Women Act.

Apparently, Robert Rowan was not intimidated by the feminist narcissism that perpetrated this sadistic 21 gun tribute to Lorena Bobbit. An original report on Rowan's civil disobedience featured these illustrative comments from Karen Ripley, director of cultural programs for the Boulder Public Library. "She is stunned at the outcry over a piece of art that features 21 ceramic . . . ummm . . . men's appendages, which are displayed on a clothesline in the library. It's entitled 'Hung out to dry.' 'Men find this disturbing, but women find it amusing,' Ripley said. "

Amusing!? That appelation, in this context, is one of those oxymorons that shakes a reeling mind with aftershocks (psychologists call it "cognitive dissonance"). One struggles to find an equivalent analogy to demonstrate the sadistic perversion which this reference demonstrates ... think of the humor trove Auschwitz might provide to the mind that can equate amusement with genital mutilation. Amusing / Auschwitz?

The nation still reels from the unimagined nightmare of mutilated bodies lying among the dust and rubble that is WTC ground zero. Yet the feminist rage against men cannot be contained; cannot restrain itself from its impropriety. Can there be any greater illustration of the malignancy of this rage than this synchronous celebration of sadism against men, within the temporal shadow of extraordinary, reiterated, compassionate, male heroism?

But the radical feminist is compulsive in her histrionic, mythical rant:
  • "Male hostility to women is a constant; all men hate all women some of the time; some men hate all women all of the time; some men hate some women all of the time." - Germaine Greer: in The Oregonian; September 29, 1992.
  • "I believe that women have a capacity for understanding and compassion which a man structurally does not have, does not have it because he cannot have it. He's just incapable of it." - Former Congresswoman Barbara Jordan.
  • "The whole point of the (penis) exhibit is to make people think about (male originated) domestic violence," director of cultural programs Ripley said.

    Quite apart from September 11, 2001, in New York city alone, the preceeding year found more than 50,000 policemen valiantly attempting to protect its eight million residents - compassionately. Nearly 12,000 firemen extinguished 60,339 fires - compassionately. And in 50 states and uncounted communities, hundreds of thousands of men dedicated their daily lives to providing these services - compassionately. And then there are the vast numbers of men serving in combat capacities in the armed services today and every day - compassionately.

    Letters from a killer
    No, Ms. Ripley, this prurient exhibit is not about preventing domestic violence. It is a compilation and glorification of violence in its own rite. It's about womyn who hate all men, all the time. It's about womyn who paint gentlemen and heroes with the same brush of malignant rage. It's about moronic perversion wearing the mask of compassion. It's about bullying rationality and truth with hyper-emotional symbolism. It's about power: extorting it and sustaining it under any pretense - sadistically if necessary.

    It's time for an overt acknowledgement of the cognitive dissonance these feminist displays create, accompanied by peaceful civil disobedience designed to hang this sadistic, malignant male-bashing out to dry.

    Robert Rowan is a worthy progenitor, and a proud role model for American fathers.

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