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The Tale of the Gypsy Princess in the Land of the Pantyhosers

Gerald L. Rowles, Ph.D.
October 2, 2002

"The most common of all follies is to believe passionately in the palpably not true. It is the chief occupation of mankind." - H.L. Mencken
As is true with so much in the pantyhose culture, things are not always what they seem. And that was what made Madelyne Gorman Toogood an overnight sensation in the land of the pantyhosers.

There she was; petite blond mom, with goldilocks in tow, marching to the white SUV. Then something terrible happened. The pantyhosers gazed with disbelief as the soccermom icon transmuted into an effigy of the dreaded child batterer.

Gasp, this can't be happening!

The early storyline which accompanied the graven images was but a sketch, though revealing nonetheless. Toogood, accompanied by the child, had gone to a department store to return some merchandise. While there, the child had wandered off at least twice requiring a storewide page to reunite mother and child. In the meantime, the store had refused to issue a cash refund for the returned merchandise, and Toogood was asked to leave the premises.

In a later update, we learned that Toogood was a member of an itinerant band of " 'Irish Travellers,' a group of nomads who move across the country in search of temporary jobs and quick paycheques. ... Mrs. Toogood's clan of 'Irish gypsies,' known as the Greenhorn Carrolls, are based in Texas and are well-known to police." (Ottawa Citizen News).

Now maybe it's because I have worked in retail while attending school, and maybe because I've had personal experience with the Gypsies who once camped out behind my parent's country restaurant, that these two sketches merged into a more complex script.

In my mind's eye, the story written between the lines was that Toogood was a con artist who was trying unsuccessfully to exchange stolen merchandise for cash. And while she was engrossed in her efforts, the child wandered off drawing unwanted attention that threatened Toogood's timely exit. The child was subsequently punished for endangering, if not foiling a successful outcome in a criminal undertaking. Or perhaps she was just the convenient "whipping girl" for Toogood's frustrated criminal efforts.

Madelyne Toogood was rearrested after the beating arrest for giving the wrong address to her probation officer.

"It is typical for family members and for all the Travelers to give false names." - DON WRIGHT, Nationally recognized authority on Irish Travelers

John Toogood is scheduled to be tried Jan. 6 on a theft charge in Kalispell, Montana.

Toogood was arrested on the Montana warrant in Casper, Wyo., but promptly posted bail of $20,000 in cash and left. The bail was forfeited when he failed to show up in court.

Police arrested Toogood in Fort Worth, Texas, for bail jumping, and he appeared in Flathead County Justice Court early this year on the theft-by-deception charge.
- CBS News
In any event, I was not buying the subsequent pantyhose malarky that issued from the now brunetted Toogood at her arraignment:

"When asked about the accusations against her, she tearfully admitted she had made a mistake". "But my child shouldn't pay for a mistake I made, and that is what she's doing. She's paying again because of me." "I was upset, nothing in particular, my mistake," she said. When asked to be more specific, she said, "I, I, I don't want to describe it, it was just, my lawyer advised me not to go into all of that right now." "Nobody has a right to strike their child, I shouldn't have did it, I am paying for it and my entire family's paying for it over my mistake." "I'm not a monster," ... Toogood added. ( -

Right. She's not a monster, but she is likely to be a frustrated thief who exploited a child as cover to appear more credible, before, during and after the enterprise gone badly. And she is also likely to be a gypsy princess, not a soccermom, teaching her child how to become a sociopath. For this reason alone, the authorities were warranted in removing the child from her custody. Not that foster care is a desirable alternative. In fact it is most often a lesser of two evils, and all too often based on false premises that allude a false evil.

But in a culture that is devoted to validating the proposition advanced by H.L. Mencken, Toogood is first a mother; second she appears to be the iconic soccermom, and third she is the pantyhoser's symbol of the "child's best interests," the put-upon mother who simply "made a mistake." For the pantyhose culture this is not a morality tale symbolizing the struggle between good and evil. Au contraire, this is merely an extension of the 40 years of virulent feminist warfare, aggrieving any vestige of the evil male patriarchal system that seeks to suppress women. If Toogood wants to beat the heck out of her kid, that's her right, just as much as it is her right to take her out before she is born.

Or maybe it's all her husband's fault. Or maybe it's just post-partum depression. Or maybe ... whatever.

John Derbyshire, in this case a true pantyhoser, writing for the National Review (Online) had this to say:
"For God's sake let the kid go home. Mrs. Toogood slapped the child around, which is a thing some parents sometimes do. It ain't nice, but to read the newspapers & watch TV, you'd think the silly woman was Bluebeard reincarnated. The child suffered no harm not even a bruise, so far as anyone has been able to discover. ... Let the poor little thing go home."
Similarly, a poll taken by the very conservative World Net Daily produced these results:


What do you think should happen to the mother and her 4-year-old in the videotaped-beating case?
Give mom counseling, but reunite her with child 18.78% (632)
Drop the charges, this is all just media hype 15.99% (538)
Lock up mom, place child with foster family 15.78% (531)
Lock up mom, place child with relatives 12.78% (430)
Probation for mom, reunite mother and daughter 9.12% (307)
Give mom counseling, place child with alternative parents in the meantime 9.09% (306)
Give mom psychological evaluation, possibly reunite her with child 6.48% (218)
Drop the charges, girl wasn't hurt 5.35% (180)
30 days in jail for mom, alternative parenting for child 4.10% (138)
Other 2.53%


In 65% of the votes cast (emphasis added), punishment for the mom is not a consideration, but reuniting her with the child in concert with psychological counseling is the preferred alternative. More amazingly, 21% prefer that there be no consequences.

Mr. Derbyshire and the WND respondents may be surprised to learn that the child Toogood turned over to the authorities may not have been the child in the videotape. Some sources claim that this was another child altogether, thus the absence of any of the beating evidence such as bruises and scratches. In fact, Toogood may not even be Toogood, but some other member of the clan. But hey, mere details.

But shouldn't it be the mother's character that is in question? (Sorry, I promise I won't 'should' on anybody else today.) Isn't there substantial evidence that she's a liar and a thief and a member in good standing of a group of nomads who characteristically wander pantyhose land preying upon the old and the gullible?

The slight of hand that is being perpetrated by the media in concert with Madelyne Gorman Toogood is manifestly Clintonesque. While everyone is arguing the relative merits of what IS IS when it comes to child abuse, the liar / thief escapes relatively unnoticed.

And there is an overlooked, more poignant, morality lesson here. Nearly every father who has been embroiled in a custody dispute knows this well. Had this been a father; had there been no videotape; had there been only the mere, albeit false, allegation of abuse by his former spouse, he would almost certainly have been evicted from his home and lost free access to his children for most of a year or more while the authorities restored the presumption of innocence.

Although such dads are categorically not thieves, they are certainly presumed to be character disordered. And had one said, "I'm not a monster," that would have most certainly been diagnosed as pathological denial. Or had one said he merely made a mistake, well heck, get out the shackles and jail the mangy cur.

But, dear children, such are the tales of the gypsy princesses in the land of the pantyhosers. And they live happily empowered, forever after.

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