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Miz Gloria Steinem, Shut Up ...!

Gerald L. Rowles, Ph.D.
April 1, 2002

1970: "Blacks and women suffer from the same myths of childlike natures; smaller brains; inability to govern themselves, much less white men; limited job skills; identity as sex objects, and so on. Ever since slaves arrived on these shores and were given the legal status of wives — that is, chattel— our legal reforms have followed on each other's heels —with women, I might add, still lagging considerably behind."
"We want to liberate men from those inhuman roles as well. We want to share the work and responsibility, and to have men share equal responsibility for the children...Women's Liberation really is Men's Liberation, too."

2002: "Let's not forget that Hitler was elected from a society with a strong patriarchal authoritative structure..."
"To create a hierarchy of authority and sanctity and then suppress sexuality as a natural form of expression and subject these men to total control, well, it's almost natural that some (Priests) will then seek control over people lower down in the power structure."
"We can't begin to know how much less violence there could be in the world if one generation of children was raised without violence"
"...the terrorists of 9-11 were all male – and all of the school massacres have been orchestrated by young males who were heterosexual 'or striving to appear heterosexual'."
"...almost all serial murderers are male and usually Caucasian and come from the middle class."
"The cult of masculinity is the basis of every violent, fascist regime. … We need to raise our sons more like our daughters, with empathy, flexibility, patience and compassion."

- Gloria Steinem
During my graduate studies, a faculty mentor brought to my attention a piece of research on Schizophrenia for my comments. If anything, it was laughable, and I was amazed that it had survived peer review. Without thinking, I blurted, "this is bulls--t." Needless to say, I was embarrassed that I had, or thought I had slipped a professional cog. But later, when confessing my embarrassment to a senior advisor of similar rank to the mentor, he advised that if B.S. was a supportable response to shabby research, then it was an efficient, appropriate commentary under the circumstances. There are some behaviors and opinions that are nothing more than quiddities, and deserve trifling responses - quid pro quo.

Gloria Steinem has been the Ms-siah of misandry for now more than thirty years. In a world of only two sexes, men are the enemy, the oppressor and the source of all evil. Masculinity is not a biological imperative, but rather a religious dogma, a kind of cultural koolaid laced with hypnogogic elixirs. In the Word-according-to-Gloria, the healing medium for this affliction is the balm of femininity. Men must simply be raised to become women in a single-gender society.

What credentials does Ms Steinem bring to support the implementation this profound sociobiological experiment? Well, she's been a freelance writer and the titular head of the magazine that advances her design. According to Dr. Makow, she has also been an agent, witting or unwitting, of the C.I.A. and media darling of the sixties. And in her own words, she is a Marxist. In sum then, she is: a radical feminist - believing that females are "less corrupted by power" and therefore are morally superior to men and that men, white eurocentric men, are brutal oppressors of women and minorities; a nihilist - believing that modern social institutions are the result of a "strong patriarchal authoritative structure" that should be dismantled in favor of feminization; and in her own words, she is a social Marxist and has indicated her preference for the abolition of the traditional family (socialist).

By definition then, Gloria Steinem is a credentialed Femi-nihi-list (who apparently never met Janet "Waco" Reno).

Lacking formal training in the sciences, and with extensive eurotravel training in Marxism, one might ask what social scientist or sociological research has influenced her ideology. Well, if you were to ask Ms Steinem, you might well be told of her admiration for Margaret Mead, that stalwart anthropologist whose claim to fame was the discovery of "a Pacific free-love paradise among the Samoans." Unfortunately, that supposed discovery was actually the result of Ms Mead being "put on" by a group of Samoan teens who were having their way with her. In fact, "The Samoans turn out to have been fierce defenders of chastity." According to Steinem "I personally would rather have had Margaret Mead as President during the past six years of Vietnam than either Lyndon Johnson or Richard Nixon. At least she wouldn't have had her masculinity to prove." Apparently, Ms Mead felt little compulsion to "prove" anything, including the validity of her research designs and data. So Ms Steinem really has no body of rigorous scientific evidence or trend lines to support her profound sociobiological theory.

I feel a bulls--t! coming on.

Feminihilists such as Steinem have never felt much compunction when it comes to inventive science: "... women earn less and have fewer opportunities for choice and advancement than men. In 1890, a woman earned 46 cents for every dollar a man earned. A century later, we still earn only 69 cents. [Women Who Lie]" But according to a recent column by Paul Craig Roberts, "women experienced real wage growth during this latter period, when earnings for male workers stagnated and even declined."

I very recently received the following confession from a reformed stats bender:
"When I see the words 'Recent studies conclude...', or 'Well known statistics show', it makes my skin crawl! I know what that means; it means it is a subscription study-bought and paid for by some lobby group. I remember when I used to sway a statistical outcome by use of a well crafted phrase, or a nicely placed 'If'. It is not hard to do. I was paid 100 dollars for each 10 people I could get to make a ridiculous statement, or sign a I was motivated to craft the survey in such a way that anyone could sign it. Sometimes, when I had a deadline, I would pay people to sign it!!
Laws are based on these statistics, which is the shame that I live with every day. For instance, in (State name), where I live, judges often deny joint custody based on a study done in California in the late 1960's. I know that study,and it is bogus."
Similarly, Steinem counterparts in the legal jurisprudence area - Catharine MacKinnon, Lenore Walker, and Andrea Dworkin prefer nihilistic Feminist Jurisprudence concepts such as sexual-harassment-as-discrimination theory. This MacKinnon contrivance led "California (to) abandon.. the traditional test for offensive conduct--the 'reasonable person' standard--and substituted a 'reasonable woman' test, dealing yet another blow to common-law construction." In her contribution to the VAWA creation, Walker broadly "define(d) the elements of the battered woman syndrome: A battered woman is a woman who is repeatedly subjected to any forceful physical or psychological behavior by a man in order to coerce her to do something he wants her to do without any concern for her rights ('forceful'/ 'psychological' are the nebulous qualifiers.). Dworkin pronounced, "sexual intercourse remains a means or the means of psychologically making a woman inferior. (to which a learned psychologist once replied, 'What is the condition of the male organ following intercourse?') "

In fact, Ms Steinem and her cohort of roughriders have conquered the logic and defeated the critical thinking that underlie both objective science and common-law. According to Feminihilist feelings, logic is a patriarchal concept that leads to cruel, oppressive, rational standards of behavior.
"...women's thought patterns are more contextual and more embedded in relational concerns than those of men. Women are supposed to be co-operative rather than competitive, more inclined toward empathy and less toward seeking dominance. In opposition to the rationalism, separation and false objectivity of masculinist models of knowledge, women were touted as caring more about personal experience, feelings and intuition, which are felt in the body ('gut' feelings) rather than the head." (Women's Way Of Bullying)
Ironically, the relational foci of women's purported thought patterns don't seem to involve a cooperative and empathetic, less dominant posture toward men. To the contrary, the Feminihilist school of thought has led to "cruel, oppressive and (ir)rational standards of behavior."

Nowhere are those irrational standards more evident than in the ubiquitous and uniformly misandric Domestic Law Courts and Women's Studies curricula. "All the subjective drama and lies that are fit to print go into making up some of these women's studies textbooks. ... An even more perfected form of slavery was one in which the slaves were unaware of their condition, unaware that they were controlled, believing instead that they had freely chosen their life and situation. The control of women by patriarchy is effected in just such a way ..."(Women Who Lie)"

Gloria Steinem's grandiose and untested sociobiological experiment has come to fruition virtually overnight. The so-called patriarchy has folded like a two-dollar step ladder. An even more perfected form of slavery has been developed within Domestic Law courts. Empathy, flexibility, patience and compassion have adulterated the culture to such a degree that even the Ten Commandments cannot withstand the onslaught of anti-judgmentalism.

The equity that was sought by the pre-Steinem women's lib movement has been established and now, in post-Steinem times, exceeded. Realworld standards for entry into traditional male bastions - police, fire, military - have been adulterated to accommodate "equity." Motherhood has given way to infant and child warehousing labeled child care instead of career accommodation. Logic has been adulterated to accommodate 'gut-feelings' and preference. The accommodation has been so profound, that even the seemingly staunch biological construction of two sexes is rapidly dissolving into a convulsion of thingamajigs. Such is the power of anti-logic that it rivals anti-matter.

In the resulting miasma, Gloria Steinem style Feminihilism has betrayed it's essence; the unassuaged pursuit of absolute power. A new truism has emerged. Whenever you hear the voice of illogic or irrationality, the objective is the sustenance or acquisition of power.

What has evolved is not the Amazonian Utopia that Steinem prophesied: "We want to liberate men from those inhuman roles as well. We want to share the work and responsibility, and to have men share equal responsibility for the children..." Instead the Ms-siah of misandry has delivered men into a cultural landscape that allegorically resembles the carnage of the post-nuclear Planet of the Apes. Consider the following:

  • Between 1965 and 1980, the divorce rate exploded from 27% to 50%. In that period and subsequently, the spouse most likely (75%) to file for divorce is the wife.
  • The increasing number of mothers in the workforce has reduced the likelihood of alimony awards as a result of divorce proceedings. However, the awards for child support have grown demonstrably larger. Some have estimated a 250% increase in real dollar child support awards, or pseudo-alimony.
  • In 1970, 32% of working mothers had preschoolers in day care. The number now is 62%. 77% of those children, aged birth to six, are in Day Care centers, and 41% are there more than 35 hours per week. The absolute number of children under six whose mother is working is approximately 5 million.
  • Since 1973, there have been more than 35 million abortions. The total killed in all U.S. wars is less than 1.2 million. In the Feminihilist's view, abortion is exempt from the category of violence, including the-procedure-known-as partial birth abortion.
  • The U.S. Constitution has become a vessel of "choice" rather than the guardian of "certain unalienable rights" e.g., the right to life. But of equal concern is the suspension of the right of due process and equal treatment under the law for fathers and their children. Since 1970 the rate of fatherlessness in America has more than doubled.
    "The point is that Women's Liberation is not destroying the American family. It is trying to build a human compassionate alternative out of its ruins.
    - Steinem, 1970."
  • The fastest growing rates of property crime and violent crime are among young females.
  • Based on the Feminihilist mantra of male-initiated domestic violence, the Violence Against Women Act was enacted in 1994. This despite hundreds of scientifically valid findings that DV is unquestionably initiated equally in both frequency and ferocity.
  • Female drivers are eclipsing the poor driving records of male drivers.
  • Government elementary, middle and high schools have become the primary targets of homosexual advocacy.
  • War has been declared on boys, and they are being systematically medicated into submission at historically unprecedented rates. Boy games like cops-and-robbers and dodge ball are being eradicated from school playgrounds.
  • Religious persecution in the United States exhibits parallels to countries that we condemn such as China. PC society has virtually eliminated the shame and stigma of violating traditional Judeo-Christian values - the bedrock of western civilization. In their place is a culture of intolerance for those who espouse traditional values.
  • Sex-education has overwhelmed the U.S. educational system and its students. In contrast to a time when the serious concerns of schools over student misbehavior involved gum-chewing in class, students are now performing oral sex during class periods - boys on boys, girls on boys, and sundry other variations. Student-teacher sexual involvement is losing its shock value as it has become virtually commonplace.
  • Planned Parenthood, the medical branch of Feminihilism, whose funding depends in large part on maintaining abortion rates, is urging more sex education in schools and greater tolerance of homosexuality. In other words, the Feminihilist jihad not only wants to accelerate the sexual immersion, but they also want the adults to lie to their kids about the normality of a sex-obsessed, STD ravaged "minority." Is this to assure a healthy future for children, or financial security for the abortionist lobby?
  • Women's Suffrage - the right to vote - became law in the 1920s with the adoption of the 19th Amendment to the Constitution. Studies have shown a direct relationship between that event and the steady growth of government. In the period between 1920 and 1950, government spending as a percentage of GDP tripled. Between 1970 and 1990 "... the rise in divorces and out of wedlock births created additional support for larger government among women (seeking greater security from government rather than husbands.). (Lott, 1998)" As a consequence, Federal spending alone grew dramatically from 15% to 25% of GDP, nearly doubling in 2 decades.
  • Feminihilism has insinuated a level of antagonism and nastiness between male and female that was inconceivable before the "sexual revolution."

    Not every ill that has befallen America since 1970 can be attributed to the Steinem & Co. revolution. But the foregoing list did not exist in type or degree before the culture experienced this radical sex-change operation. Despite Ms Gloria's vast assurances of life improvement as a result of the revolution, these evolved cancers on the body of culture have metastasized on Her watch. And still She is complaining that every ill in the universe has something, somehow to do with testosterone.

    As with most Utopian schemes, from Marx to Hitler to Bin Laden, the implementation of tyranny and a culture of death far outpaces the assurance of Nirvana. And in all such cases, the acquisition of power reveals itself as the ultimate end game.

    Now here we find ourselves 6 months away from the greatest outrage ever to have taken place on American soil. Thousands of Americans were murdered, and hundreds of children were robbed of parents, mostly fathers. Hundreds of men died displaying the ultimate commitment to compassion and valor. Thousands of men are placing their lives at risk to defend American soil and its citizens from further acts of aggression. And who steps onto the stage to vituperate masculinity but the Ms-tress Herself.

    Can it be seen as anything but spiteful that just when men are making the greatest sacrifice, they are characterized as violent and fascist? Is it not malicious to attempt to do harm to the male image just when men are being asked to protect your person? Should one regard this inappropriate vituperative eruption as an act of aggression; is this not the behavior of a domineering woman? Hasn't Gloria Steinem been kvetching about men, masculinity and the evil patriarchy for more than thirty years? Is She not, by definition, a Bitch?

    2. term for a woman that describes her as spiteful, quarrelsome, and unprincipled.
    1. be nasty about somebody: to talk about somebody who is not present in an unpleasant or malicious way.
    2. a malicious, bad tempered, or aggressive woman.
    2. a malicious, spiteful, and domineering woman. Spite: Ill will with an urge to hurt, humiliate or thwart. Malice.
    1. a malicious or treacherous woman.

    - "Bitch", as defined by Encarta, Webster's, American Heritage, & Oxford dictionaries..
    Rational men and women should feel empowered to call Bulls--t when they see or hear it. Otherwise, what will stop the steady drumbeat of race and sex-baiting, incoherent intellectualism, irrational social nihilism, and insouciant socialism.

    It's time to bring an end to the Steinem version of the Vagina monologues. It's time for Gloria to just Shut Up. It may even be time to repeal the 19th Amendment.

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