Dads Against the Divorce Industry

DA*DI is devoted to reinstating the societal valuation of Marriage and the traditional, nuclear American Family, with particular emphasis on the essential role of FATHERS.

DA*DI offers contemporary reports and commentary on culture; its aberrations and its heroes.

Gender Wars: The Follies and the Fruits:

America! It's time to end the "Gender Wars" Status Quo

Extra! Extra!
    "Domestic violence isn't about gender; it's about violence."

  • Mother Jones: "Hitting the Wall"
  • The War on Domestic Violence is One-Sided

  • Fathers, Men, and the Violence Against Women Act:
  • Judge Robert Bork: Slouching Towards Gamorrah:
    On Feminism, Liberals, Fatherhood and Abortion
  • Why Men Are the Way They Are.
  • Dr. Warren Farrell: The Myth of Male Power.

  • DHHS agents now become "gunslingers" to nab Desperado Dads.
    Another example of men being perpetually injured by the status quo.
    Copy our letter and add your cover letter to Senator Chuck Grassley
  • Dr. Wade Horn: No Way to Ease Pain of Split-Up on Young
  • Criminalizing 10-year-old Boys Is OK: Just Don't Spank Them
  • Stealing a kiss has become grand larceny.
  • Paul Craig Roberts: Casualties of the Sexual Revolution
  • Zowee! Cathy Young says it all for (driven away) "Absent dads"
  • Kathleen Parker: Calling for a cease-fire in the gender war
  • Va. court rules violence is an equal-opportunity offender ...
  • Ouch! NY Times: Women - "A fistful of hostility"
  • Kathleen Parker: Of Course Women are Batterers Too
  • Marriage and Family Disintegration: Risk Factors for Infant Homicide
  • She believes abortion can cause guilt-ridden women to commit crimes
  • The Politics of Idiocracy and Irrationality: "For the Children"
  • Parents should look upon the pedophile as ...
    someone to be welcomed into their home?
  • "It's Elementary: Promoting Homosexuality to Kids
  • The Homosexual Lobby - Expanding the Purple Umbrella
  • The Homosexual Lobby - Expanding the Purple Umbrella, Pt.2
    Are Stable Families Source Of High Test Scores?

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