Gerald L. Rowles, Ph.D.
Dad, Advisor, Social Scientist

    For a number of years, I often dealt with folks who were simply confused about daily living problems, and not really in need of formal psychotherapy.
I applied what I then dubbed my "Dutch Uncle" treatment. And that was simply to confront them with the questions they didn't want to hear, so that they ultimately came to the conclusions that they were avoiding, but knew all along.
I have also heard someone else using a similar approach to such emotional, moral, and ethical dilemmas - Dr. Laura Schlessinger.
    In recent years, and in the process of working with more than 8000 disenfranchised dads, I have become convinced that our society has taken a decidely dangerous wrong turn. And it has been my generation that is responsible for this seminal event. So I have now broadened my administration of the Dutch Uncle treatment.
    Since founding DA*DI in 1993, I have devoted nearly every waking hour to researching, advising and disseminating information to whomever would listen to the issues that I (and others) believe threaten to engulf and diminish the American culture; the same issues that are driving the Divorce Industry and the deconstruction of the Family and Fatherhood. It has been neither a popular nor profitable venture. The counterculture of the sixties has infused the culture with a political correctness that tends to isolate those who argue against it.
    If you have found the DA*DI page, then you too are most likely aware that something is terribly wrong. I invite you to share your concerns and the information published on the DA*DI pages with friends and associates. We are the only ones who can change the direction the country is taking. And it needs to be done sooner rather than later.
    Thank you for listening. I am gratified by your interest. There is enough information contained within these pages for you to earn your D.U.Ph.D. Study well and then go out there and become a Doctor of Dutch Uncle Culture Therapy.


  • Owner: PhD Associates - Consultant: Analyze Social Research and provide legislative recommendations. Develop educational internet web pages.
  • Founder: DA*DI
    Educational and advocacy forum for indispensable fatherhood.
  • Psychologist, Team Treatment Coordinator: Michigan and California inpatient treatment facilities and private practice.
  • Co-Founder / Administrator: Touchstone Clinic First privately-funded Mental Health Clinic on Coloradoís western slope.
  • Advisor: Colorado: Governorís Mental Health Advisory Committee
  • Reviewer: Michigan: Merrill-Palmer Quarterly; A Journal of Developmental Psychology
  • Education:
  • Graduate: Wayne State University, Detroit, MI
      Ph.D. Clinical / Developmental Psychology
      M.A. Clinical / Developmental Psychology
  • Undergraduate: Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ
      B.S. Psychology
      Summa Cum Laude
      Phi Beta Kappa
  • Memberships:
    American Psychological Association (Resigned!)
    American Psychological Society (Resigned!)

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