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Parent Hires Attorney Over Alleged H.S. Hazing

5 Girls Hospitalized, 1 Suffers Broken Ankle

UPDATED: 2:18 p.m. CDT May 7, 2003

NBC5's Anna Davlantes obtained exclusive video of an event that led to a criminal investigation into students at Glenbrook North High School. Five students were injured in an annual initiation ritual that reportedly started off as a "powder puff" football game between seniors and juniors at the north suburban school.

NEW: Slideshow Of Alleged Hazing
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Exclusive Video: High School Hazing

Glenbrook North HazingAnna Davlantes reported live with exclusive video of the hazing.

"This alleged hazing was so bad that authorities are considering possible criminal charges," Davlantes said.

At least one parent hired an attorney because of medical expenses for her daughter's injuries from the event.

The video obtained by NBC5 showed how quickly a homecoming tradition between senior and junior girls became rough and ugly when, witnesses said, the seniors forced the junior girls to eat dirt, fish guts and pet food. Then the video showed that the juniors were kicked around and had human excrement poured on top of them.

Exclusive Video: High School Hazing Probe

Five girls were sent to the hospital, one with a broken ankle.

Some of the girls who were present at the alleged hazing told Vatis on Tuesday morning that they thought this year's event got out of hand but was "not that different from previous years."

"It had absolutely nothing to do with Glenbrook North High School," said Dr. Michael Riggle, principal of the school. "It is not sanctioned by the school."

Riggle said that in the past, when school officials were able to find out about the planned event, they stepped in to stop it.

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