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Feminism vs Truth and Freedom

Gerald L. Rowles, Ph.D.
April 20, 2003

For three weeks in 2003, unabashed, overt masculinity came shining through. Many if not most of us were riveted to the televised dramatic images of the war for Iraqi freedom and the U.S. warrior princes. We watched in rapt attention as soldiers manned all manner of war implements. We marveled at men carrying massive packs of equipment as they trudged across desert sands. We heard them tell us that they were there to do their duty, serve their country, and that they longed to return to their families and friends; but only when the job was done.

For three intensely experienced weeks, men at home abandoned their VHS and DVD collections of 'guy movies' because they paled in comparison to the manifest manhood being played out in the drama of war. We watched live, a combination of The Patriot, We Were Soldiers, and Gladiator, and the occasional sprinkling of Blackhawk Down. And we vicariously experienced the comaraderie of men of honor and patriotism and selflessness. For males everywhere in the country, we were men celebrating manhood, and we were proud.

But in an almost surreal counterpoint, feminism was embarrassing itself in the person of Martha Burk and her band of golf-club warriors. In a post-Masters interview, Burk continued her petty diatribe against Augusta's private membership policies, saying, "The (Augusta) club needs to open its doors to women, but the larger goal, and it has been for months, has always been to make sex discrimination as unacceptable in the halls of power as race discrimination is."

And she again flat-out lied. Even the inveterate liberal, Bryant Gumble, bristled when Burk equated sex-discrimination with racial discrimination when he questioned her thusly, "You don't worry about your safety on this, do you? Nobody gets shot over women's rights. Nobody gets beaten or lynched over women's rights!" No, what Martha Burk is all about is not freedom from discrimination but freedom from the Constitution's First Amendment. Implicit in that amendment is 'freedom of association', and that is the real burr under Burk's saddle.

That Gumble would even give proof to the lie is itself remarkable. Where are the reporters' questions about women-only organizations such as the YWCA, or such schools as Converse, Mount Holyoke and Smith, which are "All are part of the Women's College Coalition, which proclaims its stated purpose is to make 'the case for single-sex education for women to the higher education community, to policy-makers, to the media and to the general public.'?"

The widespread media transmission of the systematic lies that are at the base of radical feminism has yet to be outed. So it is no small irony that there is an emerging scandal in Seattle surrounding the King County Journal's defense of having published a fake story "at the request of law enforcement officials." The ends-justifying-means excuse for running the phony story was "we have a responsibility to the community, and that weighed heavily in our decision," said Journal Editor Tom Wolfe.

Burk on male fertility:

"A modest proposal: control menís fertility. So how do we control menís fertility? Mandatory contraception beginning at puberty, with the rule relaxed only for procreation under the right circumstances (he can afford it and has a willing partner) and for the right reasons (determined by a panel of experts, and with the permission of his designated female partner). This could be easily accomplished with a masculine version of the contraceptive implants some judges are now trying to force on some women by court order.

Controlling menís fertility would not be a hard restriction to enforce. The fertility authorities could use a combination of punishments for men who failed to get the implants and for doctors who removed them without proper authorization.
It's not just Martha Burk's feminist lies that have stood naked against the backdrop of men behaving honorably. Just as the Iraqi freedom campaign sprang to life, Air Force Academy female cadets were launching a series of as yet untried and unproven allegations of sexual harassment, fondling, and rape against male cadets and the Academy's male administrators. And the feminist sensitive print media has heralded the allegations as truth. One reporterette gushed, "Many of the victims said they were criticized or forced out of the academy, while the rapists were never disciplined." [emphasis added].

This latest rash of feminist angst is uncannily similar to the notorious Tailhook 'scandal' that never was. In March 1991, the first U.S. combat troops began to return from the gulf. In September of that year, the Tailhook convention took place in Las Vegas. A few months later, Navy Lieutenant Paula Coughlin charged that she had been sexually assaulted at that gathering. When her own case--one of just two assault cases brought to court martial--was finally brought to court, it crumbled. According to Elaine Donnelly of the Center for Military Readiness, "In the end, after all the uproar, not a single court-martial produced a conviction."

And now that the second Iraq campaign is coming to an end, at least in the sense of no future major battles on the horizon, another feminist favorite rises from the warm ashes of our brief encounter with male honor.

The online front page feature story in the Easter Sunday Washington Times blares: "Jail time coming for deadbeat dads." The reporter, Cheryl Wetzstein, in a congratulatory tone tells us "This no-nonsense attitude, backed up by a dedicated law-enforcement staff and a computer system that keeps close track of child-support debts, means there's a steady stream of fathers jamming into the Charleston County Detention Center." What all-Wetzstein doesn't say is just how wide and deep that stream is. But we can take a cue from one comment by a 'child-support official': "We go to court over $27."

Most inmates (a population of 1,400 in a facility built for 700) are in for felonies such as carjacking or child molesting. But a "small but important part of the population" ó typically 100 of the men and 10 of the 25 female inmates ó are in the facility for not paying their child support, says Keith Novak, chief deputy of the Charleston County Sheriff's Office and administrator of the center. The child-support inmates are notorious for recidivism. "It's a revolving door," Mr. Novak says.
Carjackers, child molesters, and deadbroke dads. Wow.

And in St. Petersburg Florida, Diane Roberts breathlessly announces, "The bra still burns bright -- The Equal Rights Amendment has come back, resuscitated in the very chamber where it died in 1982. This year a Legislature dominated by retrograde Republicans will probably shoot it down. Again." Ms Roberts, sounding much like a twin to Martha Burk, states the major premise for revisiting the ERA as "Equality of rights under the law shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or any State on account of sex." The minor premise, Roberts argues in her best Burkesque:
"Phyllis Schlafly of the Kinder Kirsche Kuchen Eagle Forum has stopped claiming that the ERA would wreck civilization by mandating unisex bathrooms, but she continues to insist that it would press-gang women into the military. Last year, Schlafly wrote that despite '30 years of feminist fantasies,' war was a job for 'real men.' You wonder if Pvt. Jessica Lynch considers herself a 'feminist fantasy.'"
One has to wonder what the world would be like for the officers and careers destroyed by Tailhook and its unnamed successor at the Air Force Academy, as well as the lives of all those 'deadbeats', if 'equality of rights' such as due-process were extended to contemporary men - and male golf-club members.

As our warrior heroes prepare to return from the sands of Iraq, they may want to reconsider. Having just dethroned one tyrant, are they ready to come back to the nation they just defended with their precious lives, just to face a more formidable one?

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