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Independent Women's Forum:
Just a Facelift For NOW?

Gerald L. Rowles, Ph.D.
May 28, 2002

George Will wrote a recent column, Feminism hijacked, excoriating collegiate "Women's Studies". In the same breath, he also referred to the "indispensable" Independent Women's Forum (IWF).

The source for Mr. Will's critique was a report by "Christine Stolba, a history PhD and senior fellow" at IWF. A good many anti-radical-feminist and pro-men commentaries have issued forth from the pages at IWF. One of the most powerful was their publication of The Ten Most Common Feminist Myths. They have also come out strongly against the Violence Against Women Act, and the egregious Title IX feminist entitlements.

Indeed, Dr. Stolba even wrote a column, Three Cheers for Patriarchy in which she defined the patriarchal arrangement as; "a social organization marked by the supremacy of the father in the clan or family, the legal dependence of wives and children, and the reckoning of descent and inheritance in the male line."

Further, the IWF is generally held up as, "a group of libertarian-leaning female intellectuals and Republican activists" (May 21, 2001, Omaha World Herald). The Libertarian Party professes, as does the Republican Party (/Hah!), to be in favor of less government, lower taxes and individual freedom, and that government's role should be limited to protecting our lives, rights and property. On their web site ( the IWF states that they are, "a voice for American women who believe in individual freedom and personal responsibility."

Having just read the Will column, it was disturbing when I came across an article at entitled Three High-Power Moms Unite to Push Pro-Mom Agenda, and that one of the so-called high-power moms was named Crittenden. For years, Danielle Crittenden has been the Editor of The Women's Quarterly at IWF. But here was this article in which the authors are advocating "for the need for a more flexible work environment, better access to and lower-cost child care, and more family-friendly policies", i.e., higher taxes, more government intrusion in families, with virtually no mention of fathers.

One quote said: "Furthermore, Crittenden says, ... mothers who have reduced earnings are disadvantaged in dissolving marriages. In all but three states, divorcing mothers are not entitled to half of the family's economic assets if they did not make half the financial contribution." What!?

Now this is outright heresy, given everything I have read coming from the "indispensable" IWF. But being a bit of a cynic when it comes to the writings of some seemingly pro-masculine, pro-family female authors, I was prepared to accept the inevitable anguish of yet another Faludian betrayal. Susan Faludi, you may recall, wrote the book Stiffed: the Betrayal of the American Male which ostensibly was in support of men, but in actuality attempted to shift the blame for men's victimization from the shoulders of feminists to their fathers. Was this what Crittenden was about? Had she become yet another Trojan Horse; akin to "sexual liberation?"

I even wrote to a couple of colleagues complaining dyspeptically about this perceived betrayal. And they responded supportively. And I moped.

Finally, having overcome my cynical aversion, I returned to the pages of Women's News to investigate further. Chagrin! The high-power-mom author's first name is Ann, not Danielle. Oh blessed relief. There is a G-d, and Danielle has not Faludied.

But the lesson is well learned - All Crittendens are not Danielle, and all moms are not actually pro-mom. In fact, this pro-mom movement is another feminist Trojan Horse, just like VAWA and Title IX. It is yet another feminist inspired, subsidize-women, demonize-men, and destroy-the-family scam to get more of your tax dollars and intrude the Federal behemoth further into the American family. And it is exploiting the mask of motherhood and apple pie to give NOW a face-lift - something even Botox can't accomplish.

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