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Female Empowerment:
A Lemming's Quest

Gerald L. Rowles, Ph.D.
November 11, 2002

"The nuclear family must be destroyed, and people must find better ways of living together ... Families make possible the super-exploitation of women ... No woman should have to deny herself any opportunities because of her special responsibilities to her children." - Linda Gordon, in WOMEN: Fall, 1969
"With Trent Lott running the Senate and George W. Bush in charge of the White House and Supreme Court, women and families have never been in greater jeopardy." - NOW President Kim Gandy, Fall, 2002.
The cosmic jest that has been female "empowerment" is beginning to look more like the great stock market bubble - driven by irrational exuberance and destined to burst.

Perhaps a better analogy is that of the suicidal Lemming who, having eaten all vegetation in their path, try to swim the sea as if it were a river, only to drown in their single-minded quest.

The false prophetesses of the gelded age of womanhood foresaw endless potentiality in the sciences, business, sports and society, if only the shackles of the oppressive patriarchy were cast off womanhood. And so it came to pass.

Families were riven; masculinity was demonized; inconvenient lives were vacuumed away like house dust; the female passage to sexual experimentation was unchastised and unbelted; and every field of endeavor was thrown open to female reformation.

And with absolute power came the freedom from its responsible exercise. Only forward motion in a field of exhausted possibilities was the end of the single-minded quest for the holy grail of girl-power.

But what of the outcomes?

What of the promises of the new sciences of feminist sociology, or feminist physics, or feminist mathematics, which abandoned linear logic for the circular and "felt" solutions? The answers are found in the "junk" social science proclamations that are unfettered by fact. The laws of physics are still requisite, whether building toasters or launching telecommunications satellites. American children are an embarrassment among their international mathematics peers. All in all, feminist science is a laughing stock, powerless to supplant Pythagorean theorem and Einsteinian Relativity.

What of the power of unbridled sexuality? Suzanne Fields, writing of Macho girls and vanishing males sums it up nicely:
"Women have become the aggressors in the war between the sexes. The changes that have been detected in the teenage years are so alarming that some parents now worry over how to protect their sons from predatory females. ... Trend watchers see macho girls in direct competition with the mean girls, the teenagers who are aggressively nasty toward members of their own sex. These girls are daughters of boomer mothers who told them to be all that they can be. Unfortunately, they adopted the strategies of the cads whom their feminist mothers railed against at the dawn of the sexual revolution. Now they've become the cadettes mothers of boys warn against. "
Having jumped, or having been pushed from the pedestal into the gutter of ooh-aah ba-by do-me sexual promiscuity, women and girls have relinquished the power of the chaste. In doing so, they have relinquished their leverage to negotiate lasting relationships based on trust and intimacy. And guys, well they can get laid anytime they want without giving thought to commitment and honor.

What of the women who have opted to abort their prime years for childbearing and fishing the pool of potential life mates in favor of material careers? They are now faced with the powerlessness of infertility and the loneliness of mateless aging. These losses are mirrored in a conference being hosted by the "Women's World Institute for Consciousness, Spirituality and Aging, called "The Ways of Wise Women Creating Fulfillment After 50-plus." Or how losers struggle to make up for lost opportunities.

What of the woman's wide world of opportunity in sports and the power of the woman athlete? Well, apart from having had to enact special legislation to allow women and girls to extort support from men and boys programs, women athletes remain largely powerless to excel on their own. Debbie Schlussel has relentlessly commented on that sports aberration, the WNBA:
"It's a sports league that's been dead for four years. But like a stubborn, unwanted weed, it keeps rearing its ugly head. Nobody cares about women's basketball, and the anorexic box office receipts and embarrassing television ratings prove it.

Unless you count the many lesbian fans and players in the league. The fact is, a substantial portion in fact, the largest demographic group of the few fans the WNBA has, are lesbians. And, like the LPGA, so are many of the players on the court.

The NBA owns and operates the WNBA, because no wealthy successful sports owner likes to throw his money down a black hole by buying a team. That's not a sports team. It's a charity case. Or a political cause for feminists who can't compete on their own in the sports marketplace, so they've gotten the NBA to strong arm its owners."
To paraphrase Schlussel, that's not girl power, that's Lemming power ... the power to pursue a single-minded agenda until it dies of embarrassment - another form of powerlessness.

What of the business career babes; those salty, macho, take-no-prisoners wonder-women with a child on the hip and a Beamer in the driveway? Have they revolutionized the world of commerce and finance? What of the latest Dow Jones Averages, or this year's reported loss of over two million jobs, with more downsizing reported each day? Is this evidence of female power, or just as their male counterparts, are they equally vulnerable to greed and stupidity? Or is it possible that the American economy cannot realistically support a workforce bloated by dual wage-earners?

What of those women who have "successfully" integrated the military, the secret services, the police departments, and all levels of government? If they were truly more powerfully gifted than their male counterparts, why 911?

What of the family, whose destruction has been the primary target in achieving female empowerment? Well, it has been decimated, but not by individual girl-power. No, it has succumbed only because male legislators have written unconstitutional mandates thereby sustaining their own power. Without these gerrymandered guarantees of unfettered irresponsibility, there could be no victory.

What of the black "family" whose majority single-mothers were among the first to be empowered by the Great Society programs? What of the fact that even though blacks represent 14% of the general population, black men represent 50% of the prison population, and 85% of those are fatherless? And what of the rates of black-on-black male homicides, representing between 40% and 68% of all homicides in major cities, with more than half of those involving men under age 30? Are those mothers empowered by their visits to their jailed sons or attendance at their funerals?

Ironically, the decimation of the family is one of the most transparent exemplars of powerlessness, second only to the illusory power of "reproductive rights". In order to remain a member in good standing in the good old girls club, women must abide by certain rules. In this club, the only real "choice" is abortion; the only truly admirable family is the one being headed by the single-mother-careerist; the only real choice is to dump any man who does meet the ultimate-guy matrix; the only real choice is to strike first, drain the bank account, get a restraining order, and keep the kids and the house. Anything less is failure. In other words, "real" women are powerless to commit to sustainable marriage, and ostracized by the club membership if and when they actually demonstrate the power of individuality.

What of the relentless paean to powerlessness, the exultant feminist chorus singing the hymn of fear and rage? Will this bubble burst?

Will females turn away from the siren song of victimhood? Will women and girls once again see men and boys as essential mates and protectors rather than the hated paradigm of all that is evil and threatening? Will they turn away from the endless appetitive power-drive of their culturally suicidal leaders? Will the female half of the equation abandon the ultimate powerlessness of the myth of empowerment, and refuse to be driven into the sea of self-destruction?

They can and will, if and when they fathom this; that in the quest for empowerment they have relinquished the freedom to control the most intimate aspects of their lives and their children's lives to the State and the Judiciary. Is that not the Lemming's ultimate quest?

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