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The Revenge of the (Abandoned) Children.

by Dr. Laura Schlessinger

I have something I think is very important to say. This seems kind of stupid because, frankly, every time I open my mouth Iím trying to be important. But I think you better listen up. Itís one of those situations where when you look at a unique event, one raindrop falling from the heavens, you go, "Itís a unique experience." If you stand back and see that there are 40 million scrillion raindrops falling from the heavens with a big wind behind them, you have a whole different perspective. When you stand back and look at the whole of it, you see youíre in a hurricane and the top of your house just went. So perspective is everything. So sometimes when you just look at each event, define it and put it away, you can feel very safe, but youíre not. You better stand back and see that itís one raindrop in a hurricane.

On my way to work today, I heard about the student in the public high school in Oregon, killed his parents and his sister, somebody else at school, and a score or two of other children are seriously hurt. If you look at each one of these events, kids doing drive-by shootings. Just take one event in the newspaper on one day, you go, "Bad kid." Shooting each other in schools. Isolated event. Bad kid. Kids committing suicide at rates unknown in modern times. Well, listening to bad music. Kids having babies at 11 and 12 and 13 and 14 and 15 and 16, and killing them, or wrapping them up in a towel and burying them in the earth, or flushing them down a toilet. Itís an isolated event. The kids on drugs and alcohol at levels I never heard of when I was a kid. If somebody sneaked a beer, and it wasnít me because I couldnít even stand the smell. But if somebody sneaked a beer, that was a big deal. And if you listen to this program at all, you can tell that there are very few parents out there who feel any sense of authority with their children. The children rule. So if you stand back and look at all of these things, not as an isolated raindrop, you see an apocalypse. And I am really dead serious about this, and it would seem lately, more and more, dead is the operative term.

I perceive this as the ultimate in backlash and revenge of the children brought up by a generation who invented a whole new way of life. New and improved way of life. And these are the improvements. Commitment is temporary. Weíve redefined it. There are even books out called A Good Divorce. Weíve got people shacking up, making babies, moving on, making babies, moving on, not seeing their kids, moving away. Judges saying, "Not a problem. You want to move your kids away from their dad? Honey babe, you deserve to be happy. Screw the kid." Got women living with guys theyíre not married to who are molesting their children, at much higher rates than marital situations by far. We have daycare. Thatís new and improved. Women have the right to abandon their children, and their children will be happy about it as long as the mommies are happy. Whose moronic idea is that? Abortion is commonplace. You get pregnant, you donít want it, you suck it into a sink. No problem. Itís not a person.

You donít think all this mentality gives a complete irreverence for life? How do children feel important when theyíre not? Whether you stay married. Whether you are married. Itís all unimportant. The children donít matter. Itís your happiness. So we have chaos in the home. We have, therefore, chaos in society. My children are not safe from your children any more. These are not isolated raindrops. And the best, the best new and improved idea in our society is to remove God as an issue in the family, so that all holidays we now have magazines and news articles extolling the virtues of interfaith-less marriages, where we eat a little matzo and paint a few eggs and call it a holiday. It is so cute! Itís adorable! See how tolerant we are? But you better keep God out of the holiday. But as long as we have a little matzo and a little eggs that we can paint, we think weíve brought God to our kids and our lives. Weíve more and more become unwilling to study, to pray, to observe because, you know why? Itís time consuming and annoying and itís not really necessary anyway. The most important thing is my fulfillment. Damn backwards! Damn backwards! So generation provided this chaos, lack of home, lack of parents, lack of family, lack of stability, lack of reverence for life, lack of God, and we have a big hurricane.

Now I was on Meet the Press and something else when other kids killed in other schools and I donít think anybody heard me clearly. Maybe I said it too tactfully, so Iím going to be a little less tactful now. This is a lab experiment that failed. Weíve created international Lord of the Flies. Kids have no respect for life. They know theyíre not important. They donít see any purpose. They donít see any security. They donít ultimately see any love because we have no time and no interest in anything but acquisition. Thatís whatís important. Character, fidelity, stability, the preciousness of life, God - - these are not relevant as long as the economy is okay. Isnít that indicative of "we donít care"? I am not the slightest bit surprised, although I am beyond myself in grief for the parents who are losing children this way. I mean I canít imagine the pain of sending your kid to school and having this happen. Even having the threat of it. But our kids are going to continue to do drive-bys, to blow away mass murder in school, to kill themselves, to make babies, kill them and abandon them and abuse them, be on drugs, be on alcohol and scare the crap out of you and everybody else and each other because we taught them that they donít matter and nothing else does. This is the revenge for our new order. You still want to argue with me? How foolish can you be?

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