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Gerald L. Rowles, Ph.D.
August 11, 2003

This is without equal as the summer of disgust. And my intolerance levels are at flood stage.

After being cleared of charges that he inappropriately touched a male member of his congregation, Rev. V. Gene Robinson was elected as the Episcopal denomination's first openly homosexual bishop. Bishop Robinson then audaciously intoned, "God has once again brought an Easter out of Good Friday." Never mind that this 'risen' homosexual was first an adulterer and sodomist, we are to be relieved that he is not a congregational molester.
... Disgusting.

On the heels of this pathetic pandering to 'tolerance', homosexuals have proposed to reinterpret The Bible. Calling it 'homosexual theology', this " 'post-Christian' or 'postdenominational' view of the divine has a gay, transgendered or bisexual twist -- focusing, for example, on how sexual expression makes them feel at one with God." In this unfolding queer theology, we are told that Biblical passages clearly indicate that Jesus had one or more male lovers.
... Disgusting.

In Philadelphia, the City of Brotherly Love has taken on a whole new meaning: "The Philadelphia Phillies will join the growing list of Major League Baseball teams reaching out to gay fans when the team hosts "Gay Community Day" next week." Now, perhaps, the team will be renamed 'The Phillips.'
... Disgusting.

Here, and in Britain, there has been an ongoing campaign to legitimize pedophilia. The American Psychological Association has advocated 'intergenerational intimacy,' and recently a U.K. television channel featured a series advocating lowering the age of consent to 14. Soon, it seems, homosexual predation of children will reach full 'tolerance'. And what's to stop the further epidemic growth of HIV and AIDS; queer theology?
... Disgusting.

But perverse sexuality is just one aspect of this summer's queerness. The local NBC TV affiliate, channel 13, presented a piece that featured the Iowa State Fair. But it wasn't the sculpted 'butter cow', or the blue ribbon livestock events, or the homey cookoffs that were the focal interest. It was fear pimping: "Throngs of people flock to the Iowa State Fair. What's being done to keep you safe?" Not exactly Meredith Willson's Music Man, eh?
... Disgusting.

Meanwhile, the economy is limping along at half throttle and the libelous liberals are pummeling President Bush as having single-handedly brought us this miasma. Never mind that it was the narcissistic collaboration between his intern-adulterating predecessor and greedy boomers that toileted the stock market, the oval office, and dozens of high-tech corporations as a precursor to the popped bubble. In a tandem vein, liberals and feminists have thrashed and trashed W's assertive masculinity and morality. That he's no Bishop Robinson, and plain spoken, and monogamous is apparently non-normative among the progressive elite.
... Disgusting.

And speaking of fear pimping, the national news media is having another summer orgy of West Nile Virus stories. Hundreds of thousands of Americans are being disuaded from the great outdoors by the lowly virus-hauling mosquito. And how has the mosquito achieved such a powerful presence? Well, it seems a few years back one of the wild-eyed environmentalists, Rachel Carson, vis-a-vis her book Silent Spring cast the insecticide DDT as a major threat to human health and the environment. Never mind that this was another cousin in the family of feminist junk science, and that DDT saved more than 500 million from death due to Malaria. And now, in the absence of DDT, the dreaded West Nile Virus has made the lowly mosquito once again a 500 pound gorilla.
... Disgusting.

The alleged rape and harassment scandal that erupted this spring at the Air Force Academy has alas, proven to be more feminist invention and publicized hysteria than fact. Nevertheless, a number of distinguished officers have been awarded the scarlet letter for not preventing a non-event. Oh yeah, there's plenty of consensual drinking and foreplay among the coed officer candidates, which should surprise no one. But it seems that breaking the glass ceiling for female cadets primarily entails throwing sexual allegation brickbats at their fellow officers and officer candidates.
... Disgusting.

So far, one male cadet has offered to resign (Douglas Meester) and a female member of the rape investigating panel has resigned after questioning the legitimacy of the charges. She was criticized for believing that consensual drinking and strip poker delegitimized rape claims. Another male former-cadet, Second Lt. Ronen Segal, was cleared of charges after it was determined by the investigating officer that "the woman was capable of giving or withholding consent and 'did not in any way object to or resist' sex. Another cadet, "Sophomore Douglas Meester, who has offered to resign (rather than face a Kangaroo court-martial) is charged with rape, forcible sodomy, indecent assault, and providing alcohol to a minor. He faces two life sentences if convicted on the most serious charges." But even the military lawyers think the case is shaky; "Two cadets got really drunk and had sex. She regretted it in the morning; that made him a rapist."
... Disgusting.

Oh, and did you hear: "Marilyn Manson has a foetus in a jar on his coffee table. The unborn baby is preserved in formaldehyde and takes pride of place in the crazy rocker's living room. The eccentric singer's girlfriend, fetish artist Dita Von Teese, gave him the child as a gift. He said: 'I have a beautiful morbid gift from Dita - it's an unborn child in a jar. I called it Ludwig Von Manson.' - GQ Daily News
... Disgusting!

There's a popular sitcom called That 70s Show, which I have only stumbled into while channel surfing. Having lived through the sex, drugs and rock 'n roll of the 70s, I can find no justification for revisiting that era, nor its Woodstock bacchanal. According to my brother however, who has watched the show, it does have one redeeming character; a conservative dad named Red Forman. In the world-according-to-Red, "The reason bad things happen to you is because you're a dumbass." Darn, I wish I'd said that.

Paraphrasing Red Forman, it seems that this entire summer of disgust can be summed up neatly; The reason so many ... disgusting-ly bad things are happening in the culture is because of dumbass tolerance. And if we don't want them to continue to happen, and proliferate, its time to tell those who would tolerate them, "You're a dumbass and that's a dumbass idea."

There, doesn't that just punch the ol' ticket?

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