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Woman Kills Man Refusing To Pay For Sex

Woman Allegedly Attacked Him With Scissors

SLIDELL, La. -- A woman allegedly stabbed to death a 75-year-old Slidell man with a pair of scissors because he refused to pay her for sex, Slidell police said.

Tequilla Marie Moreau, 23, also of Slidell, has been booked with the first-degree murder of Ellis Bell, whose body was found by family members Oct. 2 in his bed.

Slidell police spokesman Lt. Rob Callahan said Bell's death was not ruled a homicide until after an autopsy on Friday.

Callahan said Moreau, who was seen outside the man's home the morning he died, was arrested Friday night.

Investigators said Moreau would visit Bell for sex each month after he received his Social Security check. But this month, Callahan said Bell apparently refused to pay Moreau after after a sexual encounter and she became enraged. Moreau then allegedly stabbed Bell more than a dozen times with a pair of scissors, Callahan said.

Under questioning, Moreau initially denied being at Bell's house, then told police she stabbed Bell after he raped her, Callahan said. However, police say doctors found no evidence of rape and the woman later admitted stabbing Bell because he refused to pay her.

Moreau is being held in the parish jail on a $500,000 bond.

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