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The question is really about denying a child's right to live

Charley Reese

In 1975, a German Federal Constitutional Court wrote, "The usual language, termination of pregnancy, cannot conceal the fact that abortion is a homicidal act."

Too bad our judges are not as honest. In America, where language is used to manipulate people and to disguise reality, the homicidal act is called "choice." The nefarious scheme is to frame the debate -- a certain if dishonest way to win it -- into "Do you believe in choice or in denial of a woman's right to choose?" Thus, a question that is really about denying a child's right to live is framed as a question of a woman's freedom.

Of course, in all cases, except a child's in the womb, we deny people's right to choose the death of another human being. We don't refer to murder as a "right to choose." We don't say to the robber who kills his victim, "Well, you were just exercising your right to choose." Pro-choice is a propaganda term. What it really means is pro-death or pro-homicide. Abortion is about killing human beings and nothing else. Like a hit man, the abortionist kills for money -- any baby somebody's willing to pay him to kill. For the U.S. Supreme Court to legalize this form of murder is an abomination and a stain on the very concept of law.

The baby-killing industry has gone to great lengths to use propaganda-language to dehumanize the child, either as a piece of tissue (fetus) or as an appendage of the mother (right to control her own body). Of course the child is neither. From the moment conception takes place, a genetically complete human being -- a unique human being -- has been created and, if left alone, will only grow. At no time after conception is this child a part of the woman's body. It is merely using the womb as an anchorage, and the mother's contributions are nutrition and oxygen. Where there was one life, there are now two. Where there was one soul, there are now two. Male and female supply the sperm and the egg, but it is God who supplies the life.

I don't know which is the greater sin caused by this evil industry. The mass murder of human beings with the consequent brutalization of American culture or the mass insanity caused by the use of language to cut people loose from reality and set them adrift in the fog of fantasy.

But all one has to do is walk about or watch television or go to movies a few times to realize that America is embarked on a course of self-destruction. American society has become coarse, crude, vulgar and violent. It is producing children who, if they survive, survive as cynics or nihilists or psychopaths. Those children who run the gantlet of peer pressure and cultural pressure with their ideals intact are true heroes.

Blame certainly falls on the courts and politicians and on the entertainment/media industry, which has become a moral sewer. It also falls on us. We have said yes too many times. Yes to mass murder of infants, yes to pornography, yes to rude and violent behavior, yes to music that celebrates barbarism, yes to gross commercialism of sex, yes to vulgarity.

We will get out by learning to say, No. No to vulgarity and rude behavior. No to pornography. No to immorality on television and the movie screens. And, most important, no to mass murder of infants and the filthy propaganda that tries to hide its hideous truth.

We must also say no once and for all to smiley-face politicians who equivocate and use the language of deception to avoid taking a stand on the vital issues facing America. Nations never stand still. They are always rising or falling. A nation dies culturally and spiritually first. Its money and its army are the last to go, but go they do once the light goes out in the nation's soul. Ours is feeble and flickering in the growing darkness.

Published in The Orlando Sentinel on February 01, 2000.

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