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Dad's Have
The Right Stuff

The Youth Violence Trilogy:
  • I: Why are Kids
       Killing Kids?

  • II: Who are the
       Kids Killing Kids?

  • III: Teens in
        A Tribe Apart

  • Narcissism Isn't
        "Just Vanity."


    Strong Drugs for Weak Parenting
    Ritalin (Kiddie Cocaine)
    The Feminists’ Answer
    to Active (Normal) Boys

  • In 1965, Senator Patrick Moynihan was condemned for his observation of the consequences of family breakdown:
      "From the wild Irish slums of the 19th century eastern seaboard, to the riot-torn suburbs of Los Angeles, there is one unmistakable lesson in American history: A community that allows a large number of young men to grow up in broken families, dominated by women, never acquiring any stable relationship to male authority, never acquiring any rational expectations about the future -- that community asks for and gets chaos."


  • DA*DI: Divorced and Single-Parent "families" - Breeding Youth Suicide.
  • Devoted Dads Point Sons to Faith
  • The First Great Commandment
  • Deadbeat dad witch-hunts in Pennsylvania
  • Wade Horn: Are Daddies Going the Way of the Dodos?
  • Paul Craig Roberts: Rule of Law? Or of Gender.
  • Detroit News: Urban Future Bleak Until Single Mothers Stop Having Babies
  • DNA Tests Rule Out Paternity In 31% of Cases

  • Court Says Child Support Belongs to the Child (Right, Dad?)
  • Donald V. Adderton: Angry White Male; Tired of Taking It on the Chops
  • David Horowitz: Hating Whitey; And Other Progressive Causes
  • Denver Judge: City biased against. white males
  • Cal Thomas: Living Constitution Makes Judges Kings

  • Oxygen?:
        New Chick Channel’s Liberal Anti-Male Agenda Leaves Viewers Gasping

  • Michael Savage: Dead White Males - The Minds and Spirit of the Century
  • Suzanne Fields: Dead White Males Live!
  • Jacques Steinberg: After Bitter Campus Battles, the `Great Books´ Rise Again
  • Washington Times: Military policing of sexes eats time

  • Protests from good dads deserve a hearing!
  • When did fathers become fair game?

  • Marianne M. Jennings: Confused dads

  • Maggie Gallagher: Why natural law is staging a comeback

    Why Is It That Fathering a Child Can Simultaneously Create an "Irresponsible" Non-custodial Dad; and Incite a Celebration of an "Independent" custodial Woman/Mother?

  • L. A. Times: 150 L.A. Cops "Sweep" 880 "Deadbeat" Dads
  • John Smith - L. A. Times: Still Supporting Failed Child Support Policies
  • Boston Herald: Kidney Donor For Sister; Jailed As "Deadbeat Dad"
  • Uncle Sam Has All Your Numbers
         Huge Net for Deadbeat Dads Catches Privacy Criticism

  • Dr. Wade Horn: Moms Want Help From Dads - Sort Of ...
  • In praise of Black Family Reunions
  • Black Fathers, Invisible Men
  • Speaking of the evil patriarchy, July 4, 1999 ...
  • You'll Be A Man My Son .... IF

    Marriage & Parenting

  • Dr. Wade Horn: The U.N. and the Nanny State
  • Mona Charen: Day-care neglect is fact of life
  • " 'Family' was such a distasteful thing to these women."
  • Renewed Legal Interest: Alimony - Another Blow to Marriage...
          Message to Men: You've Got to Be Nuts to Get Married OR Cohabitate

  • Don't Let Kids of the Hook
  • Thomas Sowell: Boomers and Boomerangs
  • Washington Times: Rate of Happy Marriages Slides
  • Kathleen Parker: "Happy marriage" - from the Dictionary of Oxymorons
  • I Do: "stabbing the divorce culture in the heart"
  • It's better than sex and it's more than just love.
  • Dr. Laura: Replacing Standards (and parents) with "sensitivity."
  • Kathleen Parker: Only Parents can fix Broken families
  • The Washington Times: There is a powerful social stigma, making
          American stay-at-home moms second-class citizens.

  • The Cincinnati Enquirer: Parent Alert on (Fed) Sex Education
  • Suzanne Fields: Heterosexual marriage is under siege in our country,
          but it's staging a comeback in France.

  • Karl Marx; Reveling in the Socialist State of American Families

  • Bush Calls for Rejection of Democrats' Socialist Agenda

  • Washington Times: Marriage is Like a Hundred $K in the Bank
  • The Altered State of the American Family: Progressive or Destructive?
  • UK Times: Marriage still best way to bring up children!
  • John Leo: Parents DO Matter
  • Charles Colson: Are Christians Really Divorcing At Higher Rates than

  • Michelle Malkin: Goo Goo Ga Ga Science on Child Care

  • William Raspberry: Grandparents’ visitation rights case misses boat


    Ready or Not: Why Treating Children as Small Adults Endangers Their Future - And Ours

  • Parents Are Alarmed by an
         Unsettling New Fad in Middle
         Schools: Oral Sex

        "What's the big deal? President Clinton did it," one girl said.

  • Police: 17 children involved in neighborhood sex ring
  • Dr. Wade Horn: Boys to Men: Add a Dose of Masculinity

  • George Will: Boys will be boys - or you can always drug 'em
  • Jann Flury: The Ritalin Ripple Effect
  • Arianna Huffington: The legal drugging of America:
          A status report

  • AP: Drugging Preschoolers Increases
  • It's time to make the American Psychological Association squirm
  • I Have ADHD - Say it Loud, Say it Proud


  • U.S. News: A Comprehensive Review
  • Walter Williams: Saving the nation's youth
  • Cathy Young: My experience puts me in the
         I-was-spanked-and-turned-out-OK camp

  • Larry Elder: To spank or not to spank


  • Mona Charen: Planting Weeds or Seeds in Young Minds
  • L.A. Times: Scores show underprivileged local kids learning math the
          old fashioned way

  • Maggie Gallagher: What IS Education For?
  • This Report Card Deserves an A+

  • What IS going on in our schools?
  • Thomas Sowell: It's Best to Build on Knowledge of the Past
  • Thomas Sowell: Socialism on the Installment Plan
  • Linda Bowles: The Real Problem With Teachers
  • John Leo: Gender Wars at MIT

    Columbine Retrospective:

  • Gerald L. Rowles, Ph.D.: The Media and Kip Kinkel: A Deeper Look
  • Dr. Wade Horn: Time With Children Is Investment in Future
  • Lest We Forget Columbine: Middle Schoolers Planned Armed Takeover
  • Lest We Forget Columbine: A Deeper Look

  • Boomers: The Perennial Teenager

  • Don Feder: Culture is the Smoking Gun!
  • Mona Charen: Parents Have Been Persuaded That Civilizing a Child
        -- is Outmoded (Includes a review of "Ready or Not" - Excellent!)

    Abortion / Eugenics

  • "My Generation"
         Curren Webb: One-Fourth of a Generation Eliminated

  • Charley Reese: If politicians had any backbone they would outlaw abortion
  • Charley Reese: The question is really about denying a child's right to live

  • Grasping Little Samuel's Hand: Speculating about the End of the Horror
  • Barbara Curtis: The sisterhood, 27 years later
  • James Freeman: Why IS Abortion Legal?
  • Mona Charen: Alan Keyes is Right
  • Washington Times: Ex-NARAL leader now argues against abortion culture
  • Mona Charen: More and More Babies Abandoned
  • Baby Body Parts For Sale: "You’ve Come a Long Way, Baby"

  • Washington Times: Men and Abortion - How Many Ghosts?

  • Chicago Tribune: Legalized Abortion in 70's Reduced Crime in 90's (link expired).
  • CAL THOMAS: Exterminating would-be criminals
  • Jonah Goldberg: Correlation? None.

  • Pro-life Internet site enables post-abortion women to vent.
  • Dr. Laura: Selectivity shouldn't apply to Creator's gift of life

    2nd Amendment Rights

  • Gun Control: The Seventh Paradox
  • Racial Killings & Gun Control: David Horowitz
  • The Lead Investigator Strikes Back; At David Horowitz?

  • Wendy McElroy: Of Handguns and Talking Vaginas

  • Charley Reese: American medicine more dangerous than guns
  • Thomas Sowell: Moral Anarchy and its Consequences
         Charley Reese:
  • Diet, lifestyle are far more dangerous than a loaded firearm
  • Worry about the freedom to own a gun -- even if you don't

  • Federal judge disputes government's interpretation of the Second Amendment

    Politics & Political Correctness & Culture Wars

    Surrendering Morality, Culture and Family in Vermont Courts:
  • Norman Liebermann: Mincing Down the Aisle in - The New Vermont
  • Don Feder: Vermont court invalidates democracy
  • Linda Bowles: It was foretold that a time for spiritual outrage would come
  • Linda Bowles: Religion Out Front
  • Cathy Young: When children without a moral center kill
  • Charles Colson: Trench Warfare: Who's Really Winning the Culture Wars?

  • God in the Closet: Why Christ Is Unwelcome in Contemporary Culture

  • WNBA "players" are the female firefighters of pro sports
  • Washington Times: F.I.R.E. Fights Political Correctness
  • Dr. Wade Horn: Should I stay in the APA?
  • Wade Horn: Confusing Explanation with Excuse
  • FreeDumb: ... freedom without meaning, is meaningless.
  • A dialogue between Satan and his half-human son: one lawyer to another.
  • Balint Vazsonyi: Wrong Rights
  • Balint Vazsonyi: "Verbotenland"
  • Moral Man: Hijacked by the Culture Vultures
  • Politicians should do more than talk about saving children
  • Hillary Rodham - Uh, Don't Move to New York! Please.
  • Linda Bowles: Will we rebuke our demons, or embrace them?

    Domestic Violence

  • Breakthrough! The New York Times Publishes
        Cathy Young on the OP-ED Page re: Domestic Violence
        "Feminists Play the Victim Game"

  • Detroit News: Prosecutor(s) Are In the Grip of UltraFeminists
  • Lisa Dean: Dr. Laura Was Right About the Women's Movement
    "The women's ... movement is only the small edge of the wedge, if we allow women to (take control) it will mean the loss of social structure and the rise of every liberal cause under the sun. Women are well represented by their fathers, brothers, and husbands. . ."
    - Sir Winston Churchill, ca. 1945.

  • Charley Reese: In matters of truth and morality, no compromise is possible.
  • Cathy Young: Domestic violence issue transcends gender debate
  • The War on Domestic Violence is One-Sided
  • Nicole Brodeur: Stalking Knows No Gender-Bias
        "Domestic violence isn't about gender; it's about violence."

  • Mother Jones: "Hitting the Wall"
  • Vicious Teen Girls Bash a Young Mom's Head

    Radical Feminism

  • Marc-Yves Tumin: Where Are All Those Great Women Everyone Babbles About?
  • Joan Ryan: Are Women the New Men?
  • Taking Back the Culture Starts at Local Level
  • Danielle Crittendon: The New Oprah/Feminazi WebPage
  • New York Post: There's a Reason They Call Them FireMEN
  • Marianne Jennings: Ditzes in TV Land
  • Michael Savage: Sluts vs Virgins - America 2000
  • Higher IQ Teen Girls are Abstaining
  • Feminists Chase Valentine Out: John Leo On "Vagina-Day"
  • Paul Craig Roberts: Holding Women Blameless
  • U.N. Confers In Support of Radical Feminazis
  • Destructive Gender Roles: Reducing Sexual Freedom To Bondage
  • How Radical Feminists Recruit
          Gullible Females for Victimhood:
          Demonize men; Victimize women

  • MISANDRY! (hatred of men)
  • Get the list of legalized Misandry here

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