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(fetus at 21 weeks gestation)
Fetus being surgically
treated for Spina Bifida
in the womb at 21 wks.,
grasps surgeon's finger.
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Sentence commuted for woman who killed baby in Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz (AP) - - A former U-C Santa Cruz student who admitted killing her baby in 1996 has had her sentence commuted by a judge.

Yesterday's action by Superior Court Judge Art Danner means Joanne De la Cruz won't spend any time in jail.

De la Cruz was supposed to start a six-month jail sentence Friday.

Earlier this year, she pleaded no contest to voluntary manslaughter for smothering her newborn baby in a dorm room and dumping it in a trash bin.

Instead of jail, Del La Cruz will be confined to her parents' home in San Leandro for more than a year. She'll be allowed out only to go to work, to see her therapist and to go to Santa Cruz County to perform 500 hours of community service.

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